Do you think that your sex life is in the pits and there is nothing exciting anymore? Well in that case the one and only solution is to try out new ways of lovemaking. Believe me sexual pleasure comes in an astonishing range of flavours – and everyone has a favorite. But we cheat ourselves – and our men – if we insist on always going back for more of the same. Thus a new style may be just what you need to boost the passion meter in your relationship. Try the following lovemaking techniques and you will be surprised with the results.


Well don’t be shocked. Spiritual lovemaking is very enjoyable and it gives you lot of peace, happiness and compassion. When a couple comes together in bed with that deep sense of appreciation for the sheer fact of having each other, it feels like a spiritual awakening – or reawakening. This kind of spiritual awakening can develop during sexual intimacy when everything just feels very special and very loving. But the question is how do you actually create it? One way is to be open, to notice small moments. And they don’t have to be sexual. For example there are moments in your life when you feel proud of your kids or your spouse or you are happy because of something your kids/spouse did. What you can do is recall that moment while you’re cuddling later in bed. Tell him how you feel just then, and let the same feeling flow into lovemaking.

Warm and tender

Lovemaking with warm and tender touch will work wonders in the bedroom. Tender sex is a lovely way of lovemaking, because it is gentle and slow, with light touches. It might incorporate massage, oils, and lots of warm kissing. It can be the prologue to an intensely exciting sexual experience or it can be an end in itself. Actually tender lovemaking is a good way to reconnect after a heated argument between the spouses. Gently move your hands to where you want your partners hands to feel. Show him how to touch you. Example: by stroking, squeezing. Whichever way you like it just show him/ her.


Lustful sex is sometimes fun and quite enjoyable as well as relieving. It can be selfish, selfless, an itch that must be scratched – right now, right here, and please hurry up about it. Some women enjoy lustful sex even after many years of marriage coz there are times when it feels good to have a quickie. There are times when you might be feeling lust crazed but your husband is not in the mood, well believe me your lust is what will amp up his mood in seconds. Try it, it is great.


To turn up the volume on your sex life you must try living out some of those sexual fantasies of yours. You should be ready yourself to do something new and exciting. The brain is the most influential sex organ we’ve got, so optimize it. Sometimes it’s a conscious process. You can fantasize about making love with your partner in a tent by the beach. You can fantasies about your partner- great eyes, hair, hand, clef or cleavage-whatever turns you on. You can watch cassettes and X-rated videos together. Another thing that you can do is living your fantasies. Do what you always dreamt of doing but never tried it out of shyness and hesitation. Another thing you can do is making a sexual wish list. Couples who are kinky in the bedroom know that a taste for novelty, openness to invention, a dash of daring, works wonders. Your fantasies don’t have to be sexual; in fact, it’s better to keep them whims, wild thoughts that need not be tame. The mysterious of these waking dreams is what keeps them fresh and exciting.


Being in the “mood” doesn’t always mean strictly serious business. A couple that makes love out of laughter is willing to take themselves lightly. Thus you need to be able to laugh with each other when you’re interrupted or someone’s leg gets caught in the sheet – when the unexpected occurs in bed. You have to be able to tease each other in a caring way. Thus being silly and funny while lovemaking peps up the mood. Couples who can laugh at their own blunders can really enjoy each other. Sex can be humourous; I mean let it be fun and funny.