In love making foreplay is very important and can be said to be the most passionate thing to do to ignite the fire in your minds. Foreplay if done right can leave you having the most lovely time. But, if hurriedly approached and thrown together it can show your lack of skill, ability and overall appreciation of your partner. To help you avoid this we’ve compiled a few foreplay techniques that every couple should have. Now, the next time you’re ready to have a passionate and romantic night with your partner, you will know what to do.

Silky or Satin Sheets/Blanket

The feeling of something soft, silky and smooth can really enhance your mood and make you more passionate and creative.

Sensual Music

Set the mood with light romantic music. Or play something he loves and usually plays to you.

Sexy Lingerie

Sight plays a large part of intercourse. Seduce your partner with a few sexy pieces of apparel.

Massage works wonders

Massage him with aromatic massage oil and you will really love the way he responds.


Mystery and surprises are very exciting and sometimes the best way to enhance your mood. A blindfold can add a degree of intimacy and thrill in your partner that other things cannot. So try it out for a change.

Something to nibble on

Keep a small bowl of your favourite, sensual fruit like strawberries, oranges or grapes in your refrigerator. When the mood strikes, hand feed each other or just be creative.


The feel of your lover’s touch is an amazing sensation. So explore your partners body and touch him gently and softly with your fingertips, lips or just take some silky cloth or a piece of fruit.

A sensuous bath

Take a hot steamy bath together and wash and dry each other. Massage aromatic oil on each other’s body and just explore one another’s body with soft kisses.