Are you planning for a steamy and passionate night? Well just as you get ready for the night ahead and prepare yourself you should also prepare your surroundings for the special event. So if you are ready to transform your bedroom into sultry and sexy surroundings, follow these steps for adding that mystic effect of passion and seduction.

Soft Touch

Your bed should not only provide you comfort but also a sexy and appealing feel. Hence use different materials like silk pillowcases with satin sheets and a velvet blanket. This mix and match effect will make love-making fun and exciting.

Scent Effect

Decorate your bedroom with scented candles and incense sticks that will lift your libido and give a very tantalizing effect to love-making. You can also spray your bed sheets with scented essential oils which will not only relax your mind but also add flavour into the special night.

Add Some Colour

Deep, bright and rich colours will provide passion and obsession for your mood. Brilliant blues, raspberry reds, sunflower yellows and greens with a twist of lime are passion colours and colouring your wall with these colours will give a very romantic effect.

Go for Flowy Curtains

Purchase a dozen or so yards of lightweight material, such as chiffon at a fabric store and loop it across your curtain rods. Then let it hang down on both sides of the window and puddle on the floor. When you have a fan in your room or when night breezes start to blow, extra-long flowing curtains can give your room a tropical-island feel.

Stock up Aphrodisiacs

Keep at your disposal all the available aphrodisiacs. Love-making is fun when you do it the right way and aphrodisiacs help the most to get in the mood. To learn more about Aphrodisiacs click here.

Wear something Sexy

Buy the sexiest night gown for the special occasion and see to it that you can lose it easily. Seduce your man by wearing a sexy gown and surprise him by doing a little striptease that will create exhilaration and obsession into lovemaking.