After a few years of marriage it seems like passion has literally disappeared from your sex life. Sex becomes monotonous and boring and you wonder as to whether it is possible to have the same desire, passion and excitement into your love life. Well it is possible and all that you have to do is remember a few things to ignite passion into your marriage again.


They say that variety is the spice of life. Well make it your motto. It is quite boring to do the same thing over and over again and thus it takes all the juice out of your sex life. So be innovative and attempt something new. It is a fact that people prefer sex to foreplay and ideally foreplay starts long before you hit the bedroom and vanishes as soon as you explore the secrets of sex. But it is also a fact that foreplay lasts longer and is more romantic than having sex for it is this moment when you explore one another’s body and learn all about the secret pleasure points. Thus when was the last time you just let your fingers wander over each other’s bodies? When was the last time that you made oral love? When was the last time that you gave a good massage to your hubby? The danger of familiarity is that once you discover the prime hot spots, you stop exploring the erotic potential of other areas. So if you want a good sex life then it is very necessary that you bring in variety in your life, try new positions, explore and let your imaginations run wild.


Sometimes it is essential to do crazy things…..things that you could have never imagined. Once in a while you need to be very very bold and adventurous. Like imagine you are in the shopping mall and you look at your hubby and all of a sudden you have a sudden urge to make love to him. Then go ahead….what are you waiting for…just do it. It is quite an adventurous act to make love in a public place added with the excitement of what-if-you-get-caught. So do the unexpected but the crucial thing is that in this case both the partners should be willing. The payoff of such an encounter – good, bad, or unintentionally hilarious – should be that it draws you two closer because you were in it together. Maybe you’ll laugh. Maybe you’ll recoil. Most likely you’ll simply know each other even better than you did before.


Enthusiasm and desire is very necessary factor of a good sex life. So ask yourself this question ” when was the last time that you initiated sex”. If your answer is “who cares” or “who bothers” then you are in serious trouble. Initiating is a clear way of proving your lust. If your husband is always the one to start things up, eventually he’ll wonder, “Why doesn’t she ever come after me? Doesn’t she want me anymore?”. This will eventually bring a barrier between the two of you totally disrupting your sex life. Therefore you need to be more enthusiastic, bold, aggressive and more direct like men.

The next thing is never refuse sex just because you have a lot of work to do. Even if you have an endless list of work then also put everything aside coz this will tell your man that he’s worth putting everything aside for. Thus do not let your work, kids, cleaning, laundry come in the way of the time that both of you spend together for this will make your sex life thrive. Thus don’t miss the excitement of inconvenient sex. Sex is about so many things – love, fun, eroticism, connection – it’s silly to let opportunities for intimacy pass by because they’re not quite right and you don’t have the time for it.


This is also an essential part of good love making. It is not possible for your husband to know what makes you feel good unless you tell him so. It’s ironic that in marriage, where we should feel safest to be our most authentic selves, we sometimes feel inordinately tentative, shy, and even inhibited about openly communicating our sexual desires. So if you want your husband to try something different or you want something different what will you do. Expect him to guess and do it or wont it be nice if you had told him that so that both of you could enjoy making love. It’s your job to express your needs to your husband, just as you want him to share his desires. You think you’ll tell him something he’s never heard before? Or that he’ll laugh? Well, let him. He may just be nervous or unsure what you mean; but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love to try it. So laugh back, and then show or tell the man precisely what you mean. The more you reveal yourself, the more intimacy you create and the more you will enjoy one another’s company.


No matter what kind of a lover you are or how good/bad you are in bed what you need to have is confidence. Confidence in bed not only gives you exhilarating energy, it brings excitement and passion to whatever you’re doing. Lots of things can undermine a person’s confidence, but it often boils down to one thing and that is whether you and your husband were satisfied and have a good time together. You can’t aim to always get things right in bed. Things sometimes go wrong but that shouldn’t let you down. Sexual confidence comes as much from setbacks as from successes. This be confident and give yourself some time and relax.