Sex is not only about penetration but it is all about enjoying each others body, the power of touch and the art of satisfying your partner. Before heading for the last action you should know how to touch and feel your woman. If you learn the art of touching your woman in ways no man has ever touched her before, your chances of getting more sex will increase tenfold.


When it comes to massaging her spine don’t use your hands. Here you have to use your lips and tongue to make the massage fun and exciting. To drive her crazy, let your tongue graze over the little hairs on her back. Or, you can always use your fingers to tickle your way up to her neck.

Behind the neck

Some women simple love their men to kiss them on the back of their neck. It is a favourite arousal soft spot and you should know how to go about it. Gently move her hair away from her neck (if applicable) and breathe on her neck, letting your lips graze against it before you kiss and then lightly bite into it. This will drive your woman crazy and she will beg for more.


And while you’re kissing your girl, put your hands on the back of her head and massage her scalp for a minute. As well, feel free to give her hair a little tug from the roots; it will heighten her senses.


You must be wondering why the shoulders but believe it or faint, women just love it when you kiss their shoulders. Gently massage her shoulders with your hands while you are kissing her and then slowly kiss, rub and bite her shoulders.

Breasts (not nipples)

Don’t head straight for the nipples coz fun is when you spend some time kissing and caressing the surrounding area — the breast. Lick and bite near the nipples without actually touching them and see the effect of it on her.


You had never thought of this one before but trust me some women love having their feet kissed and touched. But rather than her feet, opt to kiss and caress her ankles instead. Be careful; don’t bite the area because it can hurt her.