People generally treat masturbation as a taboo, something that is forbidden and sinful. We grow up to believe that masturbation is unhealthy and that it’s only for the sad and desperate. However masturbation is a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do. According to some health care providers masturbation allows a healthy way to express & explore your sexuality and to release sexual tension without all the associated risks of sexual intercourse.

There are several benefits to masturbation::

  • Masturbation can help relieve stress
  • It relieves menstrual cramps
  • It helps those who suffer from insomnia (i.e. when a person is having trouble falling asleep)
  • It stimulates the immune system to help build up resistance to common infections.
  • It releases mood elevating hormones, which helps boost your sex life.
  • It helps strengthening the pelvic muscles.
  • It helps in fighting yeast infections (by increasing blood flow to the pelvis).
  • It reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Masturbation provides an excellent opportunity to get to know your body and what turns you on better. By experimenting with different rhythms, toys or breathing exercises, you’re able to get more in tune with your sexual response. Once you discover what works for you, you can articulate or show your partner what turns you on and your confidence as a lover will increase.

Different kinds of touch

Masturbation can be all the more satisfying if you vary the ways in which you touch yourself. Choose a time when you can be alone, relaxed and comfortable, and lie back and run your hands over your body. Try strokes, caresses, nips, pinches and gentle scratches.

Taking your time

Concentrate on areas that particularly excite you, but try not to stimulate only the most obvious bits. You’re likely to bring yourself to orgasm by stimulating your penis or clitoris, but it will be more arousing, and your climax more satisfying, if you explore as much of your body as possible.

Try this

Masturbation can feel so much better if you introduce contrasting sensations. Try stroking yourself slowly with:

  • hands covered in oil or cream
  • a feather
  • fake fur
  • a silk scarf
  • a body brush
  • a sponge run under hot water, then under cold

Sharing your discoveries

When you’ve had a chance to explore your body and you know what turns you on, you could think about sharing your discoveries with your partner. This will help your partner understand your body and needs and also improve your sex life. Also your partner can show you the areas that sexually stimulate him. Mutual masturbation or body rubbing has a variety of advantages. It’s safe, with no risk of pregnancy or infection. Non-penetrative sex also reduces the pressure to perform. All in all, brushing up your masturbation skills can add a lot to your sex life.