Did you know that certain foods that you eat elevates your passion and makes your love life more pleasurable and hot. If your love life has turned sour then you can sweeten things up with delicious mood foods guaranteed to stir your passions and bring back charm in your life. For some people, smelling jasmine on a warm summer evening is all it takes to get them in the mood for love. For others, sucking on a peach or nibbling a piece of rich chocolate is the answer. So find out the secrets of these aphrodisiacs.


Chocolate known as “Love Chemical” is the best mood stimulant and booster. Chocolate contains phenethylamine – a safe natural ingredient that is released in the brain when positive emotions such as falling in love are experienced and is a chemical similar to the substance that is automatically released by the body while making love to your partner.


Honey has been called the nectar of the gods. The Romans put it at the top of their passion food list. And in fact, it is rich in B vitamins, nutrients that help power the sex drive. Sweet and nourishing, honey has long been used as an aphrodisiac. Try mixing some herbs and spices with honey and add it to your favourite tea for a real treat.


Oysters have long been considered a food for lovers and if you really want to make your night big serve oysters for dinner. The man is all yours. This legendary food is rich in zinc, a mineral that boosts production of sex hormones.


Ginger has long been considered a spicy treat for lovers. It was used by the ancient Egyptians to restore their sexual vitality. It is said to sharpen the mind so one can focus all their attention toward the act of lovemaking!


Garlic is one of nature’s true miracle foods. It enhances your sex drive to such enormous level that love making turns out to be a real passion. It also stimulates the nervous system, making sex more pleasurable. So have garlic in your diet regularly and forget about smelling garlic.


Many people claim that extra-hot and spicy foods heat up their desires and put them in a romantic mood. Try getting ready for some red-hot romance with red-hot chillies and hot and spicy curries.


Vanilla has been called Mother Nature’s sweetest scent. It has been claimed to drive men wild with passion and desire and its unique aroma puts both guys and gals in the mood for love. Try some vanilla scented candles in your house or burn some vanilla scented incense to really set the mood for a night of lovemaking.


Figs have been around since biblical times and actually figs were referred to in the bible as being one of the nutritious staples and aphrodisiac. The shape and texture of this legendary love food stirred the imagination of the ancient Turks and Arabs.


You can try another love boost, by adding rose petals, ginseng (Chinese herb), cloves or cinnamon sticks to your favourite beverage, letting it steep for one to two weeks, then being sure to strain well. Wine or juice is recommended for this and when ready, a little glass of it can get you and your partner in the mood for love.