Why do the kisses of the one you love, linger in your heart like very fragrance of rose?
Why does his touch send shivers down your spine, each time you think of it?
Why do you feel that you belong to him and you want to live your whole life with only him?

This is because you love him and the feeling of his gentle touch is so amazing that you cant live without it. Touch is a wonderful and sensuous feeling. So touch, explore and feel him inside your mind and body. If you are interested in exploring the sensual side of life then read on. All that you need is to spend a quite romantic evening with your partner and make it exciting through the use of sight, smell, taste and touch. If done correctly it will leave your lover in absolutely no doubt about how much you love him, and will create memories that can last a lifetime.
Things you need for the special evening


  • One or two hours of uninterrupted time.
  • The comfort of your bedroom or if you prefer some other place then it should be some private area of a room.
  • Satin or silk sheets will do wonders.
  • A collection of soft pillows.
  • Soft romantic music with soft lighting to create that romantic effect for the evening.
  • Aphrodisiacs like, strawberry, chocolate, etc.
  • Decorate the room with flowers and candles.
  • Sensual props that invoke different feelings, such as feathers, a sponge with a bowl of warm water and ice in a bowl, fruits etc.

Now start the ritual of touch and feel:

First of all make your partner lie down on the bed or couch and then blindfold him. Undress him and you too undress if you still haven’t done it. Do the following steps, in the order laid down. Don’t be in a hurry and spend at least 10 mins on each step.

1. Gently blow on various parts of your partner’s body but don’t tickle him. Your actions should be romantic and sensuous, and not comical. Blow in circular and soft manner concentrating on the sensitive parts.

2. With your fingertips lightly explore your partner’s body massaging him gently.

3. Now is the time to use props that you have gathered. Using something silky, like a silk scarf or feather, trace your partner’s body. Be very gentle and sexy.

4. Using something slightly damp, like a washcloth or piece of fruit lightly caress your partner’s body. You can also use the hot and cold treatment. Take a bowl of hot water, dip the cloth in it and caress your partner’s body, then dip the cloth in cold water and lightly caress him.

5. Kiss your partner’s body with your lips and lightly lick his sensitive parts with your tongue. Be very gentle and sexy and spend 10 to 15 mins doing this ritual.

6. The last step is to gently caress your partner’s body with both hands and give him the most beautiful experience he ever had.

The entire ritual should take atleast 1 hour and rest assured this will be the best experience he has ever had which he will cherish his entire life unless you can do better the next time. You may want to include more steps as well. Just remember to take your time and pay attention to how your partner reacts to certain things that you do. All you have to do is be attentive and give him the best of you.