What is it that you do to satisfy your man? Or let me put it this way “Do you think that you really satisfy your man?” Well think again. And if you find that your answer is towards the negative side well don’t worry. Learn what your man wants from you and believe me he will worship you as a sex goddess.

To keep the passion alive in your marriage sex plays a very important and pivotal role. A little variety — romantic one day, exciting and wild the next — is the key to endlessly satisfying married sex for him and for you. Therefore creativity and adventure is what you need to develop within. Contrary to popular belief, men are not always on and ready for sex. So get that belief out of your mind and always give him an idea about your sensual move.


The key to seducing your guy is building up his anticipation. Thus tell him or give him a faint idea that you are going to make his night. Whisper in his ear about how you’re planning for a steamy night, tuck a naughty note in his briefcase promising him a night of passion or call him during his lunch hour and tell him that you cant wait till you have him for dessert. This will make him mentally prepared and let his imagination run rampant which will help in achieving maximum fun and satisfaction.


The next step is to set the stage for achieving the pinnacle of satisfaction. Keep yourself absolutely free. What I mean by that is, unplug the phone. If you have children then either send them off to bed or pack them off to your in-laws place so that you can have the entire house for yourself. Spray some good perfume in the bedroom and use satin on the bed which will give a romantic and sexy feel. Wear the sexiest lingerie or night gown so that one look at you fills his mind with lust and wild desire.


Here you have to act like a pro and be in command over him. Lead him to the bed and slowly remove all his clothes showering him with passionate kisses. Then spend 10 mins touching and kissing him on the passion and hot spots. If you want you can also massage him. This drawn-out, full-body foreplay awakens every part of him and not just below his belt — and makes him crave for more. Take your time and build up the passion and excitement. Don’t let him haste you into the final show and thus if he grabs you then push him away and slow things down again.


By now your man will be nearly out of his mind with wild desire. When you see that he cant take it any more move ahead but take it slow and be in control. Start in a position where you have total control, such as on top. Run your hands over his face, over his shoulders and down his chest, and look him in the eye while you lead him to touch you where you want him to. If he tries to speed things up, wrap your legs around him to keep the pace slow and steady until you’re both ready to go. Your goal here is to make sex last for as long as you can. Thus when you feel that you might climax slow things down and try to change position at least three to four times. Thus you can experiment with new positions also. For the last act you can let him take control and enjoy a bigger, better orgasm.