1. Colour and Sex
Have you ever wondered what colours can convey about you and your sex life? Well find out.

2. Star Sign and Sex
Learn all about your sexual personality and what influence the stars have on your sex life.

 3. What Men Want
“Do you think that you satisfy your man?” Well think again. And if you find that your answer is towards the negative side well don’t worry. Read on……..

4. What men should do after sex
After a wonderful lovemaking session, be sure that you do a few things to make your woman feel special. Read on…

5. How to get in mood in 5 minutes
Men have a biological head start when it comes to being ready for sex while it takes a woman 15 minutes to reach the same level of arousal that a guy reaches in three. Learn more.

6. What’s Your Sex Style
Learn the three basic sex styles and try to merge these three basic styles into your marriage to have a great sex life ahead. Read on…

7. Get The Best Out of Your Sex Positions
Find out how you can reach orgasm and achieve sexual satisfaction by trying out your own sex positions in a revised and slightly different manner. Read on….

8. Change your sex style
Do you think that your sex life is in the pits and there is nothing exciting anymore? Well in that case the one and only solution is to try out new ways of lovemaking.

9. Take Him By Surprise
To keep the passion alive in your married life you have to be creative and full of surprises for your man. Read on…….

10. Spice up your love life with Aphrodisiacs
If your love life has turned sour then you can sweeten things up with delicious mood foods guaranteed to stir your passions and bring back charm in your life. Read on….

11. Essentials of Foreplay
Learn what are the essentials of foreplay in order to make your sex life most satisfactory and exciting.

12 The Oral Ecstasy
Do you enjoy receiving oral sex? Well its time now that you learn the technique of giving it. Read on….. 

13. Pleasing Yourself
People generally treat masturbation as a taboo, something that is forbidden and sinful. However, masturbation is fun and it allows a healthy way to express & explore your sexuality. Read on….

14. Oral Ecstasy -The G-spot
Learn the mystery of the G-spot, how to locate it and how you can derive extreme pleasure by stimulating the G-spot the right way.

15. Touch and Feel
Touch is a wonderful and sensuous feeling. Learn how to sexually excite your partner by touching him the right way.

16. Learn to touch your woman
If you learn the art of touching your woman in ways no man has ever touched her before, your chances of getting more sex will increase tenfold. Read on…

17. Sensuous Sex Games
Learn a few tricks to get the passion and zeal back into lovemaking and get ready to play a few sensuous sex games and turn the heat on in your sex life. Read on….

18. Places to make love
Find out some interesting and exciting places where you can make love and bring more spice and fun into your sex life.

19. Get in the Groove
To make lovemaking memorable and exciting you need to dress up your bedroom and make it sensuous and mystic. Read on……..

20. Tips to turn him on tonight
Do you want to make love in an interesting, exciting and adventurous way? Here are a few tips that will ignite the fire and passion in your partner.

21. How To Seduce Your Man
Lovemaking and seduction are very closely related to one another. You must be an excellent lover but to be the best you have to know the skills of seduction. A good seduction goes a long way to enhance the enjoyment of lovemaking.

22. How to make your man happy
Learn tips to make your sex life exciting, passionate and desirable. Read on……….

 23. Sexual Positions Women Enjoy
Find out which positions give immense sexual pleasure to women and ensure your woman receives some great orgasmic pleasure tonight. Read on…

24. Sensuous Bath
Tips to make your evening romantic and exciting by taking a hot steamy bath with your hubby. Read on…….

25. Mysteries of Fragrance
Sex, love, desire and passion are all deeply connected and associated with perfume. Read on to know how to use perfume to ignite the flames of passion.