Sex, love, desire and passion are all deeply connected and associated with perfume. Do you know that this innocent little bottle of perfume can drive your man crazy? Recent studies reveal that fragrance is associated with your urge to sexual satisfaction and so now you can believe all the commercials of fragrance companies featuring couples making out, making love and doing wild things. Well believe it…..its all true.

Let Aroma Go to Your Head

Men love the smell of just-washed-hair and that is why they will get immediately turned on after seeing you come out of the bath. You don’t believe me, well ask your partner. Ask your lover to run his fingers through your just-washed-and-blow-dried hair (again, the heat intensifies the scent) and enjoy what happens next.

The fact is ninety percent of what we call taste is really smell hence use lipstick, lip gel that taste good. Men generally love it if their partner taste like fresh mint, have fruity flavour in their lipstick. So go for some tasty shopping of cosmetics.

Following are a few romantic ideas about using perfume the best way to ignite the flames of passion.

First touch of Fragrance
Your whole romantic experience should begin with fragrance and end with fragrance. So get ready for a sensual soak. Fill your tub with hot water and 8 to 10 drops of essential oil (like lavender, chamomile, and sage which not only relieves tension but also gets you in the right mood), and soak in it with your lover. This first touch of fragrance will ignite the passion in the two of you.

Let him Explore the Scent

If he knows what perfume you use this will be easy. But if he doesn’t this will be fun. You can also use natural scent. Blindfold your partner during foreplay, and daub your body with different types of scents (tuck a rose behind your ear, dab perfume on your nape and other private parts, drizzle some sweet liqueur across your tummy, etc.). Allow his nose to wander from scent to scent until he can’t stand it anymore. Take it from here and see what fragrance can do to him and you.

The Scent Effect
Ask your lover to lie down on the bed, sofa etc. Dab some cologne in the palms of your hands and caress your lover’s face as you kiss him. You can also massage him with essence oils, which will really make him go wild with passion and desire.

Taste Good Too

What’s your seduction Scent?
Find out which fragrance turns your man on? To find out what turns him on, head to the perfume counter solo and try 2 or 3 perfumes on different parts of your body (remember which is which). Later in the day, when the scents have had a chance to interact with your skin for a few hours (which changes the way they smell), ask him to pick the one he likes best. When you find the scent he responds to, buy it. Spray it on before you make love, and you will know when and where to get your man at ALL TIMES.

Let the Fragrance linger

Once you know his favourite scent dab your perfume onto a clean pair of your cotton undies and slip them into his briefcase. This way you will always be on his mind and he will crave and long to come to you (which should work to your advantage come night time).