A tough day at work is very tiring. And a romantic bath made just for your hubby is not only relaxing but also very much romantic. Learn how to relax his mind and body by following the romantic bath tips we have brought for you.

  • Keep a warm bath ready for your hubby with lots of bubbles. Play some light romantic music and give him a nice romantic bath.
  • Enter into the shower with him. Caress each other, kiss and wash each other. Make love in the bathroom or else you can always love making passionate love after a good bath in the bedroom.
  • Keep the bathroom ready with flowers and fill the bathtub with water and put rose petals in the bath. Once your hubby is in join in with a glass of wine and play romantic music.
  • Bath your hubby yourself and then dry him. Rub his body with scented body massage and take him to the bedroom and lay him on either silk or satin sheets filled with rose petals. You know what will happen next don’t you.
  • Start with undressing him with soft kisses. Lead him to the shower and take a hot bath together washing each other. Wash each other’s hair, dry each other, comb one another’s hair and you will feel totally relaxed and fresh.
  • Leave him a note at the door saying “Find me if you can”. Lit the bedroom and bathroom with candles and spray sweet fragrance all around. Play some romantic music and wait for him in the bath naked.
  • After a nice hot bath lead him to the bedroom and give him nice body massage. He will love you for this.