Sleep is a powerful restorative: A good night’s sleep can help us maintain a healthy weight, stress less, and feel more energized. Yet many peoples are not getting nearly enough sleep, and it is often due to the tossing and turning of our loved ones!

From blanket-hogging to snoring, our mates can keep us awake well into the wee hours of the morning. While sleeping together can create intimacy and bonding, it can also lead to cranky, sluggish couples who need more zzz’s.

Thankfully, there is a way to sleep together and sleep well. All you need are the right bedroom accessories: 

  1. A mattress built for two.  Natura Sleep Solutions offers a line of mattresses with Dual-Slat system technology. In laymen’s terms, the mattress has a separate base for each partner, although it is all part of the same bed. Thus, couples can sleep together comfortably, as the movements of one partner won’t affect the other side of the mattress. Alternately, the Tempur-Pedic® Swedish Mattress offers couples a respite from tossing and turning, as the  mattress conforms to the individual’s body and isolates each partner’s movement.
  2. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.  Did you know that your pillow might be filled with dust mites, dust mite feces, and other allergens? Eeek! Throw your pillow out a least once a year in order to maintain fluff and keep out the bed bugs. Alternately, you can invest in a pillow with fabric that can destroy dust mites, such as the ProTech Fortel Anti-Dust Mite pillow.
  3. Keep the stragglers out.  If you want your whole family to sleep peacefully, then you need to get out of the habit of communal sleep. Cuddle with your kids in their own beds before lights out, but don’t bring any stragglers with you. Invest in fun sheets decorated with their favorite cartoon characters, and let them choose a nightlight they love. Make their bedroom a place that is just for them–and your bedroom a place that is just for you!

By: Dr.Laura Berman