Can’t wait for mornings to have that industrial-strength cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop?

Or maybe a caffeine-loaded soda midday to boost you through your afternoon slump at work? Well, caffeine is the most commonly consumed drug worldwide, so you’re certainly not alone.

It’s been hypothesized that caffeine can increase one’s risk of breast cancer, but a recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine does not bear out this theory. According to these researchers, overall breast cancer risk isn’t associated with caffeine intake.

Significantly, however, consuming caffeine was associated with a 68 percent increased risk of estrogen-receptor-negative and progesterone-receptor-negative breast cancer — both breast cancers to which the female hormones do not bind — and a 79 percent increased risk for cancerous breast tumors larger than 2 centimeters in diameter.

Ah, but the study also showed that women with non-cancerous breast disease experienced relief from those symptoms after cutting out caffeine from their diet. So, if you’ve got breast pain, tenderness, and soreness, consider breaking your caffeine habit. And anticipate seeing more research news regarding this issue in the very near future!

By Lillie Shockney, R.N., M.A.S.