Have a happy sex life is not that hard. Some people just assume their wife or husband knows what they want or need. This is not right! You need to be open in the relationship  and say what you need and how. It’s is much easier when we say what we like.



Step 1

Always talk to your spouse about what you want in bed. He or she will never know if you are liking what they are doing. Be open to try different things.

Step 2

It’s good when we find out that we like somethings that we didn’t in the past. Maybe you just need a break for doing that and it’s time to try something else.

Step 3

You will be much happier if you can talk to your spouse about everything. Try a dance, or a teasing . Kisses are very important, I don’t know way some people don’t like to kiss in public. Don’t be afraid, that kiss from earlier can be in mind all day and make your night HOT!

Tips & Warnings
  • Always be yourself.
  • Do not do what you don’t like just to make another person happy, because you will be unhappy.
  • Be honest

By:  Luciane, eHow Member