1.Cross Buttocks

How to: She’ll enjoy this because it stimulates the side of her vaginal walls, something she normally doesn’t feel. Insert yourself into your partner in the missionary position, but lie across her pelvis, slightly askew, while still supporting your weight on your elbows.

Switch it up: If she wants more eye contact, transition back to missionary or try the spork.

Perfect for: All-about-her sex.


2.Knees to Chest

How to: Enter her as you would in the standard missionary position, but instead of simply spreading her legs, have her lift her knees to her chest and hook her ankles over your shoulders. Support your weight on your hands. This gives you greater penetration and stimulates the back walls of her vagina.

Switch it up: Slide her feet down to your chest for the shoulder holder.

Perfect for: After her yoga class.


3.Man on Top Facing Away

How to: Have her lie down with her legs uplifted and spread. Then lower yourself between her legs, with your head going in the direction of her feet, entering in reverse. She’ll have full access to your scrotum, buttocks, and anus for adding teasing and pleasuring.

Switch it up: Rest your weight on your elbows, which gives you leverage to lightly thrust backward.

Perfect for: Nights when you need a spanking.



How to: Lie between her spread legs, so that you’re lying on top of her and are face-to-face. While supporting your weight on your elbows or hands, insert your erect penis up into her, so it’s parallel to her vaginal walls.

Switch it up: Wrap her legs around your waist to change the shape of her vagina, which will alter the sensation for both of you.

Perfect for: First-time sex.


5.Classic Rear Entry, Kneeling

How to: A.k.a. “doggy style.” Position yourself so you’re kneeling behind her, then insert yourself and remain between her legs either upright or leaning over so your body drapes over hers. Great for deep penetration, and it allows you to hit her G-spot while stroking her clitoris, breasts, hair, and back—just don’t pet her like a dog.

Switch it up: Sit back for man chair, or lie down for downward dog.

Perfect for: Hitting all her hot spots.


6.Rear Entry, Standing

How to: Stand behind her and have her bend over at the waist, keeping her upper body parallel to the floor. Hold her hips for support and enter from behind. Standing up gives you more thrusting power and allows you to caress her clitoris for extra stimulation.

Switch it up: Make up for differences in height by bending at the knees or having her stand on something stable.

Perfect for: Quickie sex—especially if she’s wearing a skirt.



How to: The classic Sunday morning sex position, the spoon is highly romantic and allows for a slow, luxurious ride in which you’re both likely to last a long time. Enter the spoon while you’re both on one side, facing in the same direction. Have her draw her knees up slightly, then tuck up behind her pelvis so you can enter from behind.

Switch it up: By adjusting the lean of your bodies, you’ll vary the angle of entry and your latitude to thrust.

Perfect for: She’s sleepy, but you want to have sex. 

reverse_missionary8.Reverse Misionary

How to: This position is identical to the traditional missionary, but she’s on top. Also, her legs are spread and yours are closer together. Now you’re the passive partner, and she supports her weight on her elbows. This position gives you greater ejaculatory control and is ideal if she’s much lighter than you.

Switch it up: Alternate whose legs are spread or spread both of your legs at the same time.

Perfect for: Letting a shy girl take control.


9.Seated Misionary

How to: Sit between her legs, with her knees bent, while keeping your legs spread wide. Ease yourself into her vagina by wriggling toward her and leaning forward. The limited thrusting power is compensated by the more direct penetration.

Switch it up: Encourage her to climb on top and take control.

Perfect for: When your arms are tired from supporting your weight in missionary.


10.Seated Rear Entry

How to: While you sit on a chair or the edge of the bed, she squats down on your erect penis. She controls movement and penetration, which can be quite deep and pleasurable for both of you. You’re free to caress her breasts and upper body.

Switch it up: Either one of you can fondle her clitoris for an extra zing.

Perfect for: Surreptitious sex outside the bedroom.


11. Seated Wheelbarrow

How to: This position is nearly identical to the standing wheelbarrow, except you sit in a chair or on the edge of the bed. Your movement is limited, but you have good penetration and great close-up of her rear.

Switch it up: Give her a head rush with the standing wheelbarrow.

Perfect for: Times when she’s been wearing her butt-hugging jeans.


12. Spoon,Facing

How to: This variation of the traditional spoon can be assumed from man-on-top or woman-on-top missionary positions without interrupting intercourse. From missionary, simply turn onto your sides in unison, using your arms to gently support your upper bodies.

Switch it up: To start directly from this position, face each other on your sides and have her slightly lift or bend her leg while you enter.

Perfect for: Giving her the romantic eye contact she craves.


13.Squatted Kneeling

How to: Squat on the balls of your feet, with your legs spread apart about shoulder-width apart. She sits in your lap, facing you, straddling your legs with hers, while mounting your erect penis and bringing your upper bodies close together. The upshot of kneeling is that your penis can better stimulate her clitoris and labia.

Switch it up: By bouncing on the balls of her feet, she controls penetration and depth, but you both enjoy lots of intimate skin contact.

Perfect for: Athletic, sweaty sex.


14.Standing Wheelbarrow

How to: Enter her as you would in standing rear entry, but lift her up by the pelvis and have her grip your waist with her legs. You’ll be in a position similar to the “wheelbarrow” races you played in school—which were never this much fun.

Switch it up: If her arms get tired, have her lie down on a table or something else that’s at the right height.

Perfect for: Sex on the run. Literally.


15. Woman Astride ,Facing Away

How to: She straddles your body on her knees, but faces toward your feet; optionally, she can squat over you. The advantage for her is deeper penetration and control. The benefit for you is that she can caress your thighs and scrotum, and you can caress her butt and back.

Switch it up: To take a bit of pressure off your pelvis, she can lean forward on your thighs or backward on your chest.

Perfect for: Fantasizing about Scarlett Johansson (since your girl can’t see you).


16.Woman Astride

How to: Enter this position by getting into the woman-on-top missionary first. Then have her draw her knees up until she’s in a kneeling position, straddling your hips and sitting atop your pelvis. You get deeper penetration, a full view of the action, and can touch her clitoris and play with her breasts.

Switch it up: She can relieve some of her weight from your pelvis by leaning back and supporting herself on your thighs.

Perfect for: Letting her dominate while maximizing your pleasure.


17.Woman on Top, Leaning Back

How to: From the facing woman astride position, she gently lies back until she’s lying down between your legs. Although this limits your thrusting power, it allows either of you to caress her clitoris for added stimulation. If her knees ache, she can straighten her knees without interrupting the pleasure.

Switch it up: Try it with her facing away: She lies backward gently, until she’s lying on top of your chest. This lets you stroke her clitoris and breasts.

Perfect for: Novel sensations for both of you.



How to: Start fully inserted, with her facing you in the woman astride position. Move your hands out to the sides of your bodies and have her lie back between your legs, which should be adjusted so that they “scissor” hers. Slow, leisurely movements will provide enough stimulation to make up for the lack of thrusting power.

Switch it up: Either of you can sit up to change positions without disturbing the action.

Perfect for: Prolonged, slow sex to build her arousal.


19.Cowgirl’s Helper

How to: Have her squat on top, raising and lowering herself with her thighs. You support her by holding her hips and rising to meet each thrust. She’ll appreciate your ceding the sexual remote control. Lasso optional.

Switch it up: She gets to choose between deep thrusting and shallow thrusting, which will stimulate the front third of her vagina, the most sensitive part.

Perfect for: Unleashing her wild side.



How to: She lies on her left side. You kneel between her legs, curling her right leg around your right side and straddling her left leg. Use your hands to bring her toward you. You get the deep penetration of doggy style, but maintain the face-to-face contact she loves.

Switch it up: Your right arm is perfectly positioned to tuck under her right leg to lend a helping hand.

Perfect for: A romantic, pleasurable night.


21.Reverse Cowgirl

How to: When she’s on top, encourage her to turn around and face away from you. This creates G-spot stimulation for her, and the change will help you hold out longer.

Switch it up: For more intense sensations, have her place her feet flat on the floor between yours.

Perfect for: Learning how she likes it.


22.Shoulder Holder

How to: She rests both legs on one of your shoulders, which narrows her vagina. Then slide her feet down to your chest, one foot on each of your pectoral muscles, and start her in a rocking side-to-side or up-and-down motion. You have great access to her G-spot. But make sure she’s flexible enough before folding her in half.

Switch it up: If she pushes a body part against you, she’s digging it. If she pulls back, try a different position.

Perfect for: Women who like to show off their flexibility.



How to: Sit back, supporting yourself with your hands, forearms, or elbows, and then let her inch toward you, supporting herself in similar ways. She’ll feel a deeper, more intense, more intimate stimulation than missionary, with less friction.

Switch it up: Lean back and let her do the work so she can grind her clitoris against your pelvis to increase her own arousal.

Perfect for: You-dominate, now-I-dominate sex.


24.Man Chair

How to: Sit on the edge of the bed and have her sit on you, facing away. If you’re able to plant one or both of your feet on the ground, you’ll have more leverage for thrusting. This position is good for G-spot stimulation and lets her use her hands to stimulate the base of your penis, your scrotum, or your perineum.

Switch it up: She can keep her legs supported on the ground, or, for deeper penetration, she can bring her knees closer to her chest, supporting her feet on the bed.

Perfect for: Putting her in the driver’s seat.



How to: Starting from missionary, she lays back and relaxes, while you take the wheel. Lay on one side in an active position, so that you can comfortably penetrate her. Use the hand to help rotate her hips in ways that feel good. You have access to both her G-spot and clitoris, so use your hands wisely.

Switch it up: If she’s flexible and comfortable, raise one of her legs to rest on your shoulder, thus deepening penetration.

Perfect for: Sleepy sex.


26.Downward Dog

How to: Have her lie facedown on the bed with her hips raised. (Use a pillow to allow her to last longer.) Entering her from behind, you’ll be able to thrust deeper and hit the hard-to-reach pleasure zones just behind her vagina. The snug fit will make you feel larger, too.

Switch it up: Move your hips side to side, and try shallow thrusting and deep breathing to last longer.

Perfect for: Getting her to try doggy style.

Source: Men’sHealth