A popular misconception in our society is that missionary sex (sex on top) is a plain and boring affair. However, this is simply untrue. If performed in a passionate fashion with a little imagination, sex on top can be an inspiring and expressive romantic adventure. Please note that this article details the male partner being in the upper position. 

Instruction:  Setting the Scene
Step 1

We have all heard and probably experienced the necessity for foreplay in any lovemaking situation. In this instance conventional wisdom applies. Being comfortable with your partner and environment are essential in this situation.

Be spontaneous. Wait until your partner comes home from a long day at work and surprise her with a drawn bath or back massage. Shower your partner with worthy compliments. Tell her how good she looks in her outfit, especially at the end of the day. Highlight the parts of her personality you appreciate or find most attractive.

While doing this guide your partner to the place in your home that you feel most comfortable and confident. After additional foreplay, if necessary, undress your partner and gently place yourself in a position where you straddle her. Be certain that there is a mutual understanding that sex is about to take place. This is where communicating either physically or verbally is vastly important.

Step 2
Next, apply lubrication and contraceptives when/if necessary. You may wish to draw out this moment by caressing the areas of your partner that appear to be most pleasurable to her. It is very important to offer praise and compliments to make her feel confident. This cannot be made clear enough. Confidence in sex is the most important aspect of this activity. You have to feel good in order to spread that feeling to your partner. During this time gently lower yourself onto your partner and very slowly insert your penis. Look for any nonverbal communication that may be taking place. For example, a shudder from your partner may mean that you have found an area that is a great spot for arousal. Begin slowly by gently thrusting.
This is no race and should not be treated as such. Remember that this is an experience and all aspects of it should be appreciated. You have nothing to prove except the affection that you feel toward your partner. Unless asked to, at this point, avoid simply slamming yourself into her. This will do nothing to increase passion or pleasure and may end in your untimely climax.
Step 3
The next step in this pleasurable activity is to find an acceptable rhythm that satisfies the both of you. Sometimes you may wish to move slowly and at other times you may wish to speed up. Don’t be afraid to speak to her.
Ask her what is most pleasing. Often, speaking provides more arousal to both partners as it proves that this isn’t just a one sided activity intended to quickly satisfy the male. Remember that you both are engaged in a mutual, sensual activity. There is some variation that you can add to spice things up. For example, you can change up the rhythm by doing a bit of teasing. Try inserting your penis only halfway or less for a few thrusts and then complete a full thrust at random. You can detect if this is pleasurable to your partner by any increased moaning and possibly twitching in her thighs. Also, it can help the male regain some of his composure if he feels that he is on the verge of climaxing but wishes to extend the lovemaking session. Again, this is not a race.
Step 4
Missionary sex may not provide the male with the maximum amount of insertion. However, you can counter this by taking your partner’s legs and placing them behind or on top of your shoulders. This particular variation offers different and greater pleasure to both of you. If your chemistry and anatomy agree,try using this method. The downside to this is that it can be tiring to the female to have her legs propped in that position for extended periods of time. However, while performing this, you can occasionally provide greater stimulation to your partner by using your free hand to rub her clitoris and labia. This is another area that requires maximum communication. You must be careful to not place your hands anywhere that is disagreeable to your partner. A simple rule is to be gentle until your advances are responded to.
Step 5

Finally, use your imagination. Try combinations of the previously mentioned steps and add your own flare to the mixture. Remember that both you and your partner can be greatly satisfied by missionary sex.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Lubrication, Contraceptives, A comfortable environment