x_sexplaces1Is sex one big yawn? Are you always complaining that your sex life is getting dull and boring? Well, what’s stopping you from getting exploratory and original? Charge up your sex life with a list of the 10 craziest places to get cozy in. Maybe you will get inspired and think of a few of your own!

1. Be a couch potato: Leave your bed tonight… that couch in the living room seems to be screaming for attention. And the best part…it’s comfortable too.

2. Soak in the bathtub: Things can get real hot and steamy even in that cool bath tub. For an ultimate lustful bash, arrange for a bubble bath with a few rose petals and some perfume. Mmmmm! This is gonna blow your mind!

3. The kitchen katha: Have you checked out how popular the kitchen is even in Hollywood? Be it 91/2 Weeks or Fatal Attraction, the kitchen has seen quite a number of incredible moments. The strong surfaces and the shelves offer great support and don’t miss the yummy treats – think chocolate, cream, jams and jellies….you get the picture? Yummy!

4. Make a splash in the pool: Though not many are privileged to having one in their home, but if you are one of the lucky few, make the best of it. How? Use your imagination guys, while the not so lucky ones just fantasise!

5. Rocking the car: Yes it’s crammed, but it’s as up close and personal as you can get. A quickie in the backseat can rekindle the excitement that you felt during college days. Just be careful where you park…you don’t want to get busted!

6. Undress in the dressing room: Ever thought of grabbing her in the x_sexplacesdressing room of a store? Sounds dangerous but exciting too! The fear of getting caught only adds to the experience… C’mon, take her shopping!

7. Try the stairs for some s-exercise: If you are thinking they can be painful and uncomfortable, you need to think again. They can help you to elevate yourself or lower your position…whatever you want.

8. Cat on a hot tin roof: Ahhhh! This is the ultimate playground; the gentle moonlight, a cool breeze to caress your hot bodies. BUT do check that you aren’t giving a free show to the peeping Toms around.

9. Who sleeps in a sleeping bag: Nothing could bring you as close as that sleeping bag that’s meant for a single person and is loaded with two! Why not get into some naughty action and add to the fun-filled camping trip.

10. Ride the motion of the plane: Check out the toilets together. If that’s too cramped, buy the seat in a Business or First class cabin. Some airliners with long-haul flights now have recliner seats that go as flat as a bed. Its worth the expense!!