Flirting is that superb behavior that brings two people together and the bestx_flirting thing about it is that it is a skill that everyone can learn to take full advantage of. If you want to learn to become a consummate flirt, read on…

Flirting involves both verbal and non-verbal communication. It is vital to triumphant flirting to learn how to incorporate both of these to attain success.

Eye Contact
An admiring glance towards the flirtee is enough to indicate that you are interested.

Avoid staring since this can appear threatening in a new relationship. You do not need to make eye contact continually while talking. Constant eye contact can make the other person nervous.

When he/she is speaking, look at him/her more frequently than you did when you were speaking.

Body Posture
Tilt head to one side to show your interest in what he is saying. If you are sitting, do not keep your legs consistently crossed. Instead, cross and uncross your legs to bring attention to them.

Do no cross your arms tightly, even if you are nervous. Lean slightly towards the person rather than backwards or to the side.

Gestures (for women)
Flip your hair gently to maintain his attention.

Twirl a small bit of your hair once or twice throughout the conversation. But not more than that because it will make you appear nervous.

Do a small and silent clap in response to something clever that he has said.

Slightly extend an open palm to offer an invitation to agree with you.

Flip your head back gently when you laugh to highlight your enjoyment.

Nod your head occasionally to indicate agreement or continued interest.

Verbal Communication
Use a light-hearted banter initially in the conversation to give both of you time to relax.

Speak to the flirtee on general subjects initially, until you discover his interests. Then, focus on what he likes.

Use a tone of voice that isn’t grating on the nerves. Be assured yet soft.

People notice appearance, body language, and tone of voice before they notice the style of speaking and the content of the conversation.

Consequently, it isn’t so much what we say but how we say it. The tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and body posture indicate interest in the other person more than the words spoken. Indicate interest. One word of advice, however, exercise caution when flirting and be safe.