x_size1Men probably don’t know this but they are obsessed with their penises. They love them!

They will look at them, fondle them, get angry at them, listen to what they have to say, and get in various situations because of them.

The greatest fear that men have is that their manhood is not big enough. And the truth of the matter is that it’s really not the size that matter but what….. You do with it.

Who says size counts? In fact, it’s men who know how to use their magic wand to please their woman and make her want them, who succeed in bed.

In fact, there are women too who feel that they aren’t pretty or sexy enough because they have small breasts. They are like men who think that having big penises make them manlier and better lovers. The truth is that these men lack self-esteem. Their entire sense of confidence emanates from their penises.

Women actually are really not too concerned about size. Of course there will be a few who say it is very important, but they are usually the ones who love forceful sex.

Women do talk about their men’s penises. But most of the time, the focus isn’t on size but on what you did with it. Indeed, women will spend more time talking about whether the man washes himself and smells good, rather than what his penis looks like. For women, penises are wonderful toys, and no matter what they look like, they will stimulate them.

Quality over quantity
In a recent online poll taken among women, 82% agree that the quality of sex is much more important than quantity. Do you know that many well equipped men are known to be poor lovers? First of all, if women feel comfortable with who you are, they will overlook penis size. It doesn’t matter whether a penis is 3, 4, 6, or 8 inches, if used properly, it can satisfy her and give her a passionate time.

Men who are still not convinced should not allow the size that they THINK they should have, con them out of life’s best experiences. There are several things you can do to make sex unforgettable, and by the time it’s over, you’ll have her begging for more. Stay alert on the situation. Let your mind dictate your moves, not your penis!

Tips for making love to women
When you guys who have a complex about the size see an attractive woman, you may say to yourselves, “When she sees my little friend I hope she doesn’t laugh”. Actually you should be saying, “she’s coming with me tonight, in more ways than one”.

So make eye contact and move to a private place. Keep your mind on the situation and don’t stress about yours size. Use your tongue to lick her face and neck while kissing her. Say in her ear how sexy you find her. Now, as the situation becomes warmer, your mind will relapse to your manhood because you know that it will soon be time to get those pants off! Just remember one thing: she’s there with you because she wants have a great time.

Undress her slowly while kissing and touching her while she gets more andx_size2 more excited. When she wants to undress you, allow her remove your shirt and caress your body; but don’t let her get too carried away. Remember to stay focused on the situation. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to remove your pants and expose yourself, then perhaps you should prepare her.

The final move
Take her hand gently into yours and stroke your chest down to your stomach, keep kissing her, and press your body close to hers. Then slowly keep your hand moving down your leg and up again, placing her hand right on your crotch. Move your hand on hers, letting her feel your penis.

Once she feels it over your pants, she’ll know what to expect. She’ll get excited and will go for your belt. The rest is up to you, gentlemen. Go ahead and give her the “Big O”.