Does your man still lust after you like he did when your romance had just begun? You may not doubt that he loves you but you sure as hell may doubt if he still lusts after you like he did when romance was fresh. But don’t fear. Once you try these fascinating little tricks, he’s going to be sticking to you like chewing gum!

And here’s some good news! Contrary to the widely held belief that men lose interest in sex after some years, Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D., author of Why Can’t You Read My Mind? says that men are actually genetically engineered for long-term lusting. But that is subject to the fact that you “have to make a strategic effort to trigger that craving in him once you’re in a relationship because the spark in your bond won’t last if you neglect it.”

Chant his name
Nothing can compare to the rush of adrenalin your mate gets when you chant his name. Just hearing his name hikes up his lust because what you are saying is ‘I’m thinking about you only… no one else’. Men just adore hearing that.

But blurting out his name any old how is not going to get him going. You have to make it meaningful. For example if you are at a party or on a drive, say something like , “You know…John…how that makes me feel.”

Another way of getting him to completely focus on you is to whisper or coo his name to draw his completely on to you. “When Harry and I are making out, sometimes I feel like his attention is not a hundered percent on me.” says one girl. “That’s when I moan his name, and things really get moving. It really focuses him on me totally.”

Touch him when he doesn’t expect it
The unexpected touch is a great stimulant. Stimulate his nerve endings when he is least expecting it and generate a physical connection that will have your mate getting hooked on to those little moments of excitement.

So now, don’t ask him to pass the dessert, lean across, brushing his arm and take it. Don’t ask him to move when you have to go past. Lean into him as you pass him by. Things are going to really rock for you.

Don’t Tell All
Suppress the need to give details about your day. Unlike women, men are not really interested in the nitty-gritty of who said what and how. They find it boring and tune out.

But if you edit your talk and you’ll make a discovery: The less you tell him, the more interested he’ll become in your day-to-day activities. Just throw a titillating sentence at him and let him take the bait. For instance, while you are conversing with him, tell him what happened in the end and let him ask for the details. For instance, say to him, “I bumped into my old friend this afternoon” or “I got a raise.” And then be quiet while he’s dying to know the details.


Add novelty to your style

32 year old Aradhna had sported shoulder length hair throughout her relationship with her guy. She got her hair cut every month but he never ever noticed. But one day, when she returned with short red hair, Arun couldn’t get over it. He couldn’t stop touching her. He felt that he was getting intimate with a redhead. There is a reason that Aradhna’s new hairdo excited Arun: “Men register eye-catching changes to your appearance, and it draws them to you,” Lori Buckley, quoted to have said. “Adding novelty will keep his desire for you strong.”

The change has to be a visible one- one that will engage his interest immediately. “To activate his desire, it has to be a departure from your everyday look,” says David Buss, Ph.D., author of The Evolution of Desire. If you are habitually in a salwaar kameez, you could try a new pair of tights. Or go for a completely new look in fishnet stockings and a mini skirt. You could even try out some dark, sexy makeup and try going bra-less, with an extra bounce in your step.

Stroke his ego
Just because men don’t ask you, “Baby, am I looking sexy in my new underwear?” doesn’t mean that he is not looking for compliments like you are.

If a man won’t ‘fish for compliment’ doesn’t mean that he does not love his ego to be stroked. What a man really loves and desires is to be desired. When he hears words of praise from you, it re-enforces his feelings for you. If you tell him that you desire him, He’s going to be very hot to live up to what you feel for him.

But, it’s not as simple as that. Men hate gushing and overdoing the mush that puts them off. So, the more exclusive the praise to him, the more genuine it feels. Says Himani, “My guy is obsessive about cleaning the bathroom, so whenever I go in, I always say how clean the mirror is or how the tiles are shining.” He may just grunt and turn away but deep down, he love it. And if you talk about how good it was for you last night…you can expect a torrid time tonight as well.

Give him a sensory association
Go back memory lane to when you first fell in love with your man. What are the memories that you associate with that time? Apart from the butterflies in your tummy, of course. If you can figure out the sensory associations that he has with the time when romance was fresh and new, you’ve figured out the instant love-rush recipe. When he experiences that memory- a smell, a taste, a song- it will trigger a physical reaction and generate an immediate rush of love and longing.”

Says Abhinav, “Hearing the song ‘Everything I do, I do it for you’ by Bryan Adams and smelling the perfume of musk takes me back to the time when we spent our honeymoon in Goa, where she wore that perfume all the time. That scent gives me the jolt all over again.” To get your guy in the mood, start using an old brand of perfume, visit a romantic place where you had a wonderful time or start an early dating ritual. You may not even have to say anything. The sensory associations are usually so strong that he’ll be transported back at once and get into the romantic mood of that time.

Let him feel that you’re desired
This maybe strange to hear but men do get turned on by their partners when they are desired by other men. To make him focus towards you completely, just catch the attention of another man and watch how he turns his laser beam on you. You can’t believe that this is the guy who didn’t even bother to acknowledge your new dress when you left home.

Says Karuna, “I know I’m in the center of my guy’s gaze when we walk into a party or a bar and the other guys there check me out. I can actually feel Varun thinking, “Eat your hearts out guys: she’s with ME. Not just that, he is certainly sticking on tighter when there’s competition around.”

To get him to cling to you, flash a flirty smile at one of the guys at the bar or touch his friend’s hand and laugh at one of his jokes when you know your man is watching. Also, do doll up when you know that there is a possibility of you being in the center of other guys’ attention. It’s a great ego boost for you and perversely, for your man also. He is the one who knows that no matter how much the others may want you, he is the one you are going home with.