A major cause of the feeling of inadequacy among men is the inability to ‘last’ long while having sex. Most men would certainly like to go on longer than they are usually able to. The primary thing that must be comprehended is that, like most other things, the state of mind has a big part to play in your performance in bed. Getting anxious or uptight is not going to help at all. The other thing that will be a serious deterrent to your sexual performance is a partner who gets annoyed or upset, so you need to work together to develop a positive attitude, which will lead to longer and better sex!

We list some suggestions and techniques which will help you to improve your sexual performance. The rule of the thumb, however, is for the man to be familiar with his body and to know what works for him. It’s only when he knows when to slow down and when to fasten the pace that he can control his excitement in the heat of passion, thus driving his partner to the edge and driving her wild!

If he decreases the sensitivity of the penis, the ejaculation process will be much slower. So, techniques have to be incorporated which will lessen this sensitivity and lead to a longer time in the sack. We will tell of some of these techniques and the practice of these should certainly help in increasing the sexual stamina. But, like everything else, these require practice and are not instant cures.

Squeeze Freeze
When you are about three or four strokes away from ejaculation, stop applying any more strokes or increasing your excitement. Just squeeze the base of your penis. You can do this by wrapping your thumb and index finger around it. You must apply firm pressure with special focus on the urethra. This is the tube running along the underside of the penis. This will decrease the sexual tension and hold back the ejaculation. In fact, you can apply this pressure anywhere along the shaft of the penis. The aim is to squeeze the urethra. Please make sure that you do this at least 3-4 strokes before you orgasm. If you leave it too late, it’s all over and done with and you’ll have to wait for the next time.

Stimulate and stop
The aim of this exercise is to stimulate the penis to a great level of excitement, almost near ejaculation and then stop and wait for the excitement to wane. This exercise will help you to outlast your partner. You should do this three to five times per session, either with your partner or by yourself. You need to practice this for a month and by the end of that period, you’ll have her begging you to stop!

Give Yourself Hand Jobs: Masturbation
Masturbation has some very good results. It decreases the sexual tension and reduces the penile sensitivity. Regular masturbation leads to greater control over your ejaculatory responses. So, gentlemen, whenever you feel the need, you just use your hand! Good for you, and better for the two of you together.

Use Sex Toys
The entire aim of the techniques recommended is to reduce the sensitivity and to increase “immunity to pleasure”. Using sex toys follow the same reasoning as masturbating. You can either use sex stimulators or normal vibrators. You can browse the net and make a shopping list for yourself to suit your budget.

Cover that Shaft
Wearing of the condom plays a major part in reducing the sensitivity for both partners, but more specially, the male. In fact, you should be wearing condoms to reduce the risk of pregnancies and STDs. Many couples claim that this also leads to longer-lasting sex. If, in spite of wearing condoms, you are still very sensitive, you can opt for a thicker condom So, boys, get onto practice, get going…on and on and on!!!!!