Have you gone into a slumber, making love to your lover in the same old place, the bed in your bedroom? I mean, you are doing everything that you usually do- caress, kiss, fondle. But things are just not getting hot and steamy. Could be the reason be that it’s the same old BORING place ?

Sex has got dull, right? Well, don’t get into a depression. There is a way out. No, you don’t have to find another partner or look for an exciting sex toy. One of the easiest ways to add spice to your love life is to change the place where you make love.

There are so many positions for sex that you can try at various locations. Don’t believe me, well OK, then try to push your partner on to the floor the next time you are making (boring) love. This will surprise him/her and that in itself may add the zing to keep you swinging for sometime. Pounce when he/she least expects it!

You see how easy that was? Now we’re making love on the floor. (If you’re too excited to continue reading, take a breather and come back later. It only gets more intense from here on out.)

Now, there are a few things that you need to know here. You have to be extra careful to avoid rug-burn. Which means that the skin of your back is likely to get grazed when you are making some crazy love on the floor. If you are on the bare floor, you have to watch out against impact injuries. Basically, for sex which is not performed on the bed, you have to get used to keeping some clothes on, else it could turn from being exciting to excruciating.

The next challenge is to shift rooms. Move from your bedroom into your drawing room. This is exciting yet safe as you can use the comfort of the couch. Many of the positions that you can practice here are similar to the ones you practice on your bed. While in the living room, you should also try the chairs to learn how to make love while one of you is sitting up. Try an easy chair to begin with.

Once you are done with the Drawing room, move on to the Kitchen to learn to make love against the refrigerator, the oven, and the sink. The sink is the most difficult in this room of unusual sexual positions but before you try this, do check the strength of your sink.

Once you are ‘done’ with the kitchen sink, move on to the bathroom sink. Incidentally, its fun to turn on the sink and get a little wet. Some couples also like to make love on the toilet, and here is where the sitting positions that you learned in the living room are useful.

And its time for sex under the sensuous shower. Most couples will only fondle, soap, and wash each other in the shower, moving onto other rooms for the final union. Actually, sex in the shower involves standing and a wet floor. While you can opt for the shower floor, you can also lean against a wall to facilitate penetration.

With this, you’ve had sex in every room of the house and are ready to take on the outdoors.