x_pleasehim1Well, usually it’s the men who are extremely apprehensive about their performance in bed. But the ladies need to get into the groove too. For great sex, the onus is not merely on the men. For sex to be a really marvellous experience, it’s as important for women to know how they can contribute to the experience.

It’s high time that we address the issue of what men dislike in female sexual behaviour. So, ladies, read this carefully if you don’t want to leave bad impression for a guy when you have sex with him. But, listen, each one of these things don’t necessarily need to apply to you. So just see what’s good for you and what is not!

Show Some Moves, Babes!
During sex some women don’t do a thing! They’ll just lie there and expect that the guy is going to be so grateful for a nude female body, that that will be more than sufficient for it to be a very successful experience for him! But actually, that is the worst thing you can do, and men really don’t like that. Show him your moves….so what if he is on the top! Show him that you want to have sex with him as much as he does with you. If you are going to lie there like a corpse, your partner can even have sexual problems. And then, think about the fact that why should he work at giving you pleasure when you look like you’re doing him a favour just lying there!

Don’t Miss the Kiss
Well, ma’am, you love to be kissed, don’t you? So why not do the same favour for your partner? He loves to be kissed too, you know. In fact he loves it when you are kissing him all over his body. It makes him feel loved and wanted and desired. So kiss your man, tease him, play with him….that will drive him crazy!

Take Control
 While you may like your man to call the shots, sometimes he may like to bex_pleasehim controlled too. Go ahead, take control in bed! Show him that you want to have sex NOW, and tell him how you want it. You are the one making the rules here, right? Still wondering whether your man will be pleased about your taking control? Well, try it out…I guarantee you a hot, hot time!

Tell it like it is
If you love what your partner is doing for you, show it! Don’t feel shy to express pleasure! If you do, you may end up confusing your partner. If you don’t show what you are feeling, how would your partner know if you are liking the experience or hating it? So, scream out loud when you feel like screaming from pleasure, breathe harder. Get noisy, because it’s the best way to tell your partner about how you are feeling. Your man knows what you love and will be able to please you more.

Give as Good as you Get
The golden rule for good sex is, ‘pleasure your partner’. If you are making the moves on him, remember to ask questions like “Do you like that?”, “how does that feel?”, “Shall I do that again? Harder? Slower?” Let him know that you care about what he feels. He’ll love to have your attention.