Foreplay in sex
In typical case of men being from Mars and women from Venus, the two sexes look at foreplay from a diametrically different perspective. The woman’s view is that she needs a whole lot of foreplay to reach full arousal. For her, kissing, hugging, touching and fondling is as pleasurable as the act of intercourse.

The man’s view is more basic: I want sex, and I want it NOW!

This is the commonly held view about the two differing perspectives. But this is not actually true. The truth is that those men who can slow down enough to get into the kissing, touching, fondling routine, the sensations feel as good as they do to a woman. If the man can get into the groove, rather than as a means of ‘just getting THERE’, sex will be a much more enriched and enjoyable experience. He will enjoy it, she will love it and the chances are that you’ll have more sex too. What a win-win situation!

What to do and HOW?
Sex has to be fun and effortless. If you are labouring hard to get your partner to get into a state of arousal, chances are it will take you that much longer to get her going. Make the process a natural progression. Have fun, relax and get into a state of passion and you certainly can’t do that if you are concentrating on the effort!

Tell her and actually feel that you could fondle her all day. Let her indicate that she is ready for the next step. By the way, she’ll be ready to get to the next stage faster if you give her the assurance that you are enjoying just this!

Don’t Plan
Forget about the planning and the techniques that you have studied in all those books and on the net. Let passion guide you. Her responses will determine whether or not you are pressing the right buttons. Good foreplay comes from discovering what gives each other pleasure rather than a ‘five minutes here, four minutes there, a couple there and bingo!’

Learn to enjoy what’s going on. But if something doesn’t seem to be working, do make a note of that and avoid it in future.

Don’t Feel Frightened to Explore
A big complaint women have about how their partners behave in bed is the predictability. There is more to a woman’s body than her breasts and vagina. It’s time that you set out on a voyage of discovery. See how she reacts to the caressing of her feet, the back of her knee, the crook of her neck, her back, behind her ears. Feel free to touch and taste. In fact, your hands are the most erotic, and sensual part of your body.

The sad thing is that most men just don’t touch well. So do yourself and your woman a favour and take a course in eroticmassage. Otherwise, have frequent massage sessions at home, touching her lightly, slowly increasing the pressure.

A useful tip: women love being touched but hate being grabbed!

Respond to her Responses
How do you know she likes it? Well, her moans and whispers will tell you. In case of doubt, you could always ask her, “How does this feel?” If she likes it, continue to do it. If she says, “I don’t know,” do something else.

Getting good at foreplay means that you are learning to please her. It’s something that will be useful to you when you move towards a full sexual intercourse. And, while she enjoys the journey, in the end, she’s going to reward you in ways that’s going to blow your mind!!

Enjoy the ride!


So now we know how important foreplay is. There are some techniques that you can follow that will certainly push your partner over the edge. Follow these tips and you will soon have a reputation as a master blaster, leaving your partner begging for more…

Go slow
Start by kissing and caressing. Women often complain that men ignore most parts of their bodies, going straight to ‘the point’. Continue to kiss her erotically even during intercourse. For a complete sexual experience, kiss and experiment with every part of the body- many women enjoy kissing and nibbling on the neck and shoulders so prolong the foreplay. Linger, touch, stroke, and nibble every part of her body from head to toe. A slow and erotic start will lead to fireworks later!

Tongue her ears
Circle her ears with your wet tongue. Your Woman will love it if you nibble on her earlobe gently and breathe lightly in her ear. Please do not thrust a full tongue into her ear. This puts off most women.

Don’t drool!
Women dislike sloppy kissers. Control your saliva when kissing. You can do so by swallowing it. If not, you’ll end up being a drool-y kisser and women get turned off rather than turned on by that.

Men respond to foreplay too
For a man, foreplay is quite different than it is for a woman but just as erotic.

The woman can take the lead in kissing. She can use not just her mouth but also her hands, lips tongue, breasts, and her complete body to excite her partner.

Sucking on your man’s toes and gently running your tongue over his feet, will really get the man raring to go. But don’t stop there.

The woman can give the man a tongue bath. Kiss him and lick him everywhere, stroke his chest and bite his nipples. She can hold and squeeze the man’s buttocks and increase his passion by letting her fingers run near his anus. The teasing aspect is an important one to female foreplay and sets on fire his sexual energy.

Fellatio is the final step in foreplay for men. Many women do not realize how important fellatio is for most men. If they are denied fellatio at home, men can even go out looking for it. Before penetration, a man loves fellatio since this strengthens his erection, exciting the most important nerve centres in his penis.

So, gals and guys, try out these tips and you’ll end up being the irresistible one for whom the opposite sex craves.