x_orgasm1Do you know that 75 % of the Women Fake Orgasm?

Everybody heard rumors about women faking orgasms. Could this be true? Well, bad news for the guys. Women fake it. Maybe not every time, but it’s a high probability that it has happened. The majority of women have faked at least one orgasm, yet some fake almost all of them. Why do they do that? There are many reasons and before you start getting performance anxiety, the truth is that you or your technique is probably not to blame.

A female orgasm can be most easily faked by a good actress. There are few options: gripping something tightly; moaning loudly; breathing deeply; burying face into something (pillow); doing kegels or anything else at least remotely dramatic or climatic.

Researches revealed that just 25% of women can always (or almost always) reach orgasm during the contact (in the case of the males, this is well over 90%) This means that 75 % of the women need more than the in and out movement to make them go over.

So, what can impede a woman from getting the climax, making her use the theatrics, and what can guys do to avoid this?

It is extremely important for the woman to know that she can talk with you, tell you anything and you can listen to her, without your making wise guy comments or seeming to be surprised at what she is telling you. Many women are embarrassed to say what they want, and more importantly, telling you what they don’t want. Some women never really experience orgasm while making sex, but they want their partner to feel good about himself and her.

Find what she WANTS
A man can get to the right point without directions but it also makes sense to ask her where her “buttons” are and reassure her you’re willing to do what she wants without judging her. If she’s still too shy, she could indicate what she would like by sending signals or by guiding your hands.

Make her feel beautiful
To feel relaxed, which is essential for achieving an orgasm, a woman must feel that she is attractive. Many women have body issues. They may not think they are attractive enough, or sexy enough, for you. Women are bombarded with images of perfect bodies, perfect faces by media, net, TV and so on. Seeing you too interested in the perfect bodies you see around does not help. A woman needs to hear and often from you that she’s beautiful and sexy and she looks amazing in certain clothes.

Pump up the volume!
Build up the excitement by calling her in the middle of the day, telling her you can’t wait to meet her tonight. Send her send her passionate messages. She’ll be thinking about it all day and be really raring to go by night time.

Stimulati the C spot!
Please, please remember that less than 25% of women have just vaginalx_orgasm orgasms while many of the rest have only clitoral orgasms. Thus, you have to play with her little love button if you want to get rid of the theater from your bed.

Play to her fantasies
Women have much greater sexual imagination than men do. Her sexual fantasies would put the greatest male fantasy…that of having a trio in bed, to shame. (80 % of the men have this fantasy). Women think on detailed stories involving uniforms, princes, princesses or whatever gets her going.

Some women might want to be someone else for the night. This may make her feel more comfortable doing things she wouldn’t normally do as herself.

Be careful about the timing
Having sex only because the partner wants to, also makes women to fake. When a man tries very hard, sometimes even too hard to make his woman have an orgasm, the woman usually finds it better to fake it than to disappoint her partner once again.

She may be distracted or she may just not be in the mood. So, she will resort to theatrics just to please you. It beats having you pumping away for hours when she’s not in the mood.”