Affair is wrong, but I seems to have an impressions that people (whom have affair) find that sex is so much more fun and enjoyable, in comparison with sex with their marriage partner. Why??
In the beginning of a relationship sex is always important, but long term love isn’t about lust, its about love, friendship, and commitment. Being part of a family, having someone to support you, to rely on, and to snuggle up to at night more then make up for the lack of lust. In order to keep a long term relationship going steady and alive, sex should be important.
These days, we’re so brow-beaten by “experts” telling us we expect too much from sex and relationships, but this is certainly not the case. Studies have shown couples who have sex 4-5 times a week look 10 years younger then those who don’t. Couples who have regular sex aren’t just happier, they also have higher libidos.
Sex has alot of good advantages, it boosts immunity, warding off colds and infections, helps with the production of testosterone, and they also seem to be less suseptible to depression and suicide. Sex is good for your mind, body, soul, and your relationship

In order to keep the sexual energy alive in a relationship it requires alot of openness and honesty that most people aren’t used to. Most couples feel it is inappropriate and feel guilty for craving nasty or dirty sex, but its human nature, hence where fantasies come from.

When you are able to move past the vulnerbility stage and not be scared to show your sexual desiree’s, that is when you find the key factor for a sucessful relationship. With good technique, arousal, being sexually adventurous, openness and honesty is what will help with setting yourself up for lust to last a lifetime.

The best sexual encounters that we will have usually aren’t with people we love, because it is hard to have raunchy sleezy sex with someone you love. We have to feel familiar, accepted, and like an extension of our partner when in love. By removing fear and tension, sex stops being “charged” and moves tobeing “comfortable”.

This is not good, so in this chapter of my Sex blog we will be exploring what society brands as taboo sexual activities, such as spanking ,talking dirty, blindfolds, and tie-up games. Most people have tried these sorts of things, but couples who are still doing it years down the road are truely rare. If you bring it all back it will let you and your partner indulge in your fantasies, and you in theirs.

There are two things you will need to transform your relationship, the right attitude, and the ability to talk easily about sex with your partner. Lose the notion that telling your partner what you want may hurt their feelings by wanting more then they are giving, and they should already know how to please you. Women are less likely to ask for risky activities, because society has brainwashed them to think it is unladylike. Where men feel condemed for wanting it.

When having kinky sex, it brings back the spark, the feeling of ecstasy, and all those firey feelings you had in the begining of the relationship. You ladies become his personal Sex Godess…..

Sex seems to suffer the closer people become, maybe this is because we lose our sense of “otherness.”We get to caught up in satisfying “their” needs instead of thinking about our own. There’s nothing wrong with trying to satisfy your partners need, however if your trying to “spark” fireworks it really isn’t helpful.

Forget about the guilt, rule breaking, fear of being caught, forbidden elements, being selfish about “our” pleasure, or something we know our friends would be horrified by ( or at least we like to think so, anyway ) This type of sex usually happens in one night stands, affairs, and risky sex with someone we know we shouldn’t be having sex with in the first place.

Granted some couples seem to manage with balancing intamacy and excitement and getting the best of both worlds. No added bodily fluids and no added bodies, all they’ve done is upped the “KINK” in their relationship.