Going out for a date tonight, but don’t know how to make your partner fall in love with you instinctively? Well, then remember three things: red roses, red lipstick and a red dress.

thumb3That’s the suggestion given by US researchers who have found the first scientific examination of why the colour red is often linked to romance.

In the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology study, two University of Rochester, New York, psychologists put the colour to the test by showing men a series of photographs of women where only the colour of the frame, or their clothing, was altered, reports the Courier Mail.

Professor Andrew Elliot and PhD student Daniela Niesta examined the men’s degree of sexual attraction by asking them the question: “Imagine that you are going on a date with this person and have 100 dollars in your wallet. How much would you be willing to spend on your date?”

The researchers have attributed the colour’s power to boost sexual attraction to primitive desires.