In the battle of the sexes, women claim some impressive victories —at least according to the scientific studies that examine the differences between men and women! Here’s a round up of five things women do better than men.

1.Women Drive Better Than Men

1According to extensive traffic analysis, men have a 77 percent higher risk of dying in a car accident than women. I guess women won’t need those extra large hot pink spaces reserved just for them in countries like South Korea.

2.Women Fight Disease Better Than Men

2A study out yesterday study shows that estrogen helps women fight off disease better than men. When it comes to the immune system, men are the weaker sex!


33.Women Eat Better Than Men

A survey from earlier this year found that men are more likely to eat meat and frozen pizza, while women eat more fruits and vegetables.

4.Women Handle Financial Stress Better Than  Men

4Earlier this week, we found out that traditional gender roles may cause men to suffer recession blues more than women. Men, for example, are told they need to be both solvent and stoic: they’re traditionally the bread winners, and if they’re blue, they’d better not seek mental health help — it’s a sign of weakness.

5.Women Live Longer Than Men

5Eight-five percent of the world’s population over 100 years old is female. One big reason is that women develop cardiovascular disease at a later age than men. American women live an average of 80 years, while men live to 78 on average. The only downside? Women must save more money for retirement!