IT has to be a sign of absolute trust, plain gullibility or loose morals when i read of the same consequences of usually failed relationships (or stolen hand phones) in “Woman who lost gems fears release of nude pics” (The Star, May 20) where women fall prey to blackmail of having their nude pictures exposed.

Some questions that beg to be asked are: “Why our sweet ladies think that it’s proper to allow their boyfriends to take pictures of them naked? Do they think naked flesh will cement their relationship and stop the boyfriends from straying or flirting?

If a boyfriend threatens to break off a relationship if he is not allowed to take pictures of her undressed, does she believe it’s worth to keep such relationships?

We have seen how such pictures have nearly destroyed the careers and families of those exposed, and yet there are women wanting to continue frolicking in the altogether. And for heaven’s sake, most of them are not even engaged!

Of course, we can say Malaysia is a progressive nation and we are broad minded and what anyone does in private is private. But to trust a guy completely just because he says you have a lovely body and he wants to have sweet memories? Come on ladies, grow up!

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