KUALA TERENGGANU: A housewife was caught in a compromising position with her lover by her husband when he stormed into a hotel room in Merang, Setiu, with his friends on Thursday.

However, the lover, a senior state government official, managed to bolt off half-naked from the room before the enraged husband and his friends could assault him.

In his haste to get away, he left his handphone behind.

The husband, a manager with a communications service provider, found video recordings and pictures of the pair having sex on the handphone.

He lodged a police report, claiming that he feared for his safety and that of his children.

At the district police headquarters, the 33-year-old man said he suspected that his wife was cheating on him when she began to behave strangely over the past two months.

“She would hide the SMSes she received in the wee hours of the morning and was very secretive about telephone calls from a friend saved as ‘Aisah’ in her list of contacts,” he said

He added that the calls usually came in between 10pm and 11pm each night.

The husband said his 27-year-old wife had also been neglecting her children, aged between two and seven during that period.

He said he decided to spy on his wife by informing her that he had to travel to Kuala Lumpur for work and left the house at 8am.

However, he doubled back and hid in a secluded area near his home where he observed his wife getting into a car driven by a man in his 40s an hour later.

While tracking the car to the hotel, the man contacted his friends for help.

“By the time they arrived, my wife and her lover were already in the room.

“The senior official managed to shove us aside and flee,” he said.

He also claimed that moments later four men, believed to be linked to the official, turned up at the hotel to threaten them.

“I scolded my wife because her lover was only sexually attracted to her whereas we, her family, truly loved her.

“Anyway, I am not going to forgive her for betraying my love,” he said.

Source: The Star Online @ 18/7/09.