There have been a lot of discussions about it, and also a remarkable lack of discussion in some quarters about a fascinating subject: Is sex bad? Or good?

I move in all sorts of circles, it seems. Ranging from artists, who have no problem at all discussing the subject, to people who go to very strict churches and pretend that it doesn’t exist at all.And just about anybody in between.

Being an artist, I have absolutely no problem discussing sex, nor with nude people. In my opinion people were born that way. Clothes were probably not invented to hide our private parts, but for warmth. So when did some become so squeamish discussing sex? In the Middle Ages people were at it like rabbits. The typical Middle Ager had the attitude of:”We might not live a long life, but let’s have a good one”. Of course they didn’t have plasma-TV and you can’t possibly stare out of the window all evening. Thus they entertained themselves by having merry nights. But didn’t have the churches have anything to say about these wild nights?

The churches’ influences in those days were strong; the Catholic Church was at the hight of its power. However, although I’m not an Historian, I have never noticed any diminishing in the rather free attitude towards sex in those days. Apparently, the hight of fashion was bare breasts for the ladies, so there were no prudes then.

So, it raises the question: is Religion at fault? Or the Bible? Or is it just the attitude and strange misguided thinking of a bunch of prudes?

Let’s backtrack. It says nowhere that sex is bad. But some Preachers have been known (and still are)to turn a completely natural act, seen throughout nature, into a deed of the devil. Or something like that. It was turned into: “Duty” of the man to give the wife children. And the wife had the “duty” to put up with it.

Of course the moment you tell people that something previously experienced as pleasurable turns into a “duty”, it’s no longer fun. That is supported by these religious fanatics, by adding on an extra pound of guilt saying that ” It’s the work of the devil”. Lead a joyless life and all will be well.It’s not only sex that’s addressed by them; it’s everything else as well.

So, my argument with them is: why has Nature made it so pleasurable then? If the intention was to give us a sad and depressing life, surely the first thing Nature would have taken away would be pleasurable sex. Instead it would have felt like a toothache, or a heart attack. The world would have been almost devoid of humans; and that would have been very good for the environment.

So did Nature make a mistake in creating our bodies the way we are? My argument is no, absolutely not. Everything else is working the way it should, so why would Nature make a blunder in exactly that area? Are the religious fanatics telling me that something so much fun is a mistake? And, if Nature did turn it into a painful experience instead then that would have been more like it? If that is what they mean, then they’re directly criticizing Nature, not agreeing.

What I cannot understand is that they contradict exactly everything they believe in. I can only see positives:

If done right,A. it’s healthy; it gets blood pumping and so the whole body gets oxygen.B.It’s the equivalent of a good workout.C. It’s a lot better entertainment than TV. D.It’s the cheapest hobby you can imagine, you don’t even need any gear.(On the contrary, less is best)E. You get the chance to be creative.F. Nobody tells you off if you take a smoke afterward. G. At that moment you’re the most important person in the world for the other.

Did Nature have it wrong? If someones dares to say “Yes”, then the whole plan was wrong. Even if you don’t believe and are atheist, you’re still saying the whole world, and all basic foundations this world rest upon was one big mistake from the start. But it isn’t. Nature is completely in balance. No mistakes made; we are not wrongly constructed in any way. One day there were a man and a women. No clothes, completely nude because that was the way they were born. No embarrassment whatsoever.

Were they attracted to each other? Absolutely. Did they have sex? Absolutely. Why?

Because that’s exactly the way we were programmed, and meant to be. No mistake made.

Note from author: In this article I am talking about consensual sex between adults, i.e. persons over the legal age in whichever country you reside. Under no circumstances will I support sexual acts with minors, certainly not children. Also I am talking about normal circumstances and normal people, not situations like rape, or any sexual act done under duress or violence. Also this article is merely to state an opinion or an explanation at best and nothing else.