KUALA TERENGGANU: A 35-year-old man who inserted various objects, including his toes, into his wife’s private parts to satisfy his lust needs psychiatric attention immediately, the man, from Besut, needed help before he preyed on others, particularly young girls to satisfy his sexual desires.

The man’s 28-year-old wife lodged a report against her husband last Monday, alleging that he had inserted various objects into her private parts.

“This man should be referred to a psychotherapist to treat his sexual disorder before he targets innocents.

The wife claimed that she endured much pain each time the couple had intercourse because of the husband’s actions.

The wife could no longer tolerate the man’s sexual acts and she lodged a report against him.This is a rare thing in our society, especially in a small place like Besut.

In her report, the housewife alleged that her husband had tried to insert his toes into her private parts again at 1am on Monday, triggering a heated argument between the couple.

She lodged a report at 4am at the Besut police headquarters the same day. The couple, who have been married for five years, have a three-year-old son.

The police later referred the case to the Besut Religious Department after a medical report on the housewife revealed there were no injuries on her.

The couple was said to have previously separated for a while before reconciling a few months ago.