A RENTED apartment in Putrajaya was turned into a haven for sex parties by a woman and her two younger brothers, reported Harian Metro.

Officers from the Federal Territories Religious Department (Jawi) enforcement team stumbled on the “free sex” haven after receiving complaints of such acts involving four women, including three underaged girls, and eight men aged between 15 and 50.

The woman would hold sex parties with her boyfriend, who is in his 50s, at the unit while her brothers would also bring in girls.

In a midnight raid recently, enforcement officers turned up at the unit to find only the light in the living room switched on while the rest of the aparment was in darkness.

After ringing the doorbell for five minutes, a boy – believed to be one of the woman’s brothers – let the officers in.

The officers found a couple, who admitted to being unmmaried, on a bed in one of the rooms.

They also discovered three other men and a girl in one of the back rooms and two underaged girls hiding inside a wardrobe.

According to a Jawi officer, the department had received complaints from a resident in the apartment block that such activities had been going on for several months.

Initial investigations revealed that the woman, who is with a private company in Putrajaya, had rented the unit for herself and her two brothers.

“She was lying on the bed when her boyfriend opened the door, as if there was nothing wrong,” said an officer, adding that it was shocking to find underaged girls involved in sexual romps.

Fourteen people will be charged under Section 27 of the Syariah Criminal Act 1997.