Seremban-born sex fiend gets 20 years for raping young men

Lim Kok Foo

FORMER Negri Sembilan top student Lim Kok Foo (pic), 42, will now be remembered as a serial rapist who drugged and filmed naked men in Perth.

Lim, who was also an athlete of his Seremban school, was a bogus taxi driver who preyed on more than 100 “intoxicated and vulnerable” young men over four years from 2003.

He would ply them with drinks before sexually assaulting them while they were asleep or unconscious. He then filmed his sexual assaults on them.

Prosecutors laid 44 counts of sexual offences on him including penetration without consent, indecent assault and one count of causing grievous hurt.

West Australian district court judge Troy Sweeney, in describing Lim as “truly, a sexual predator” banished him behind bars for 20 years.

Malay Mail’s Brian Lovelace reports from Perth that Lim would be eligible for parole after serving 18 years in jail, provided he completes a sex offender treatment programme.

Lovelace said the serial rapist was making top news in Australia just as it made headlines when lurid details of the sex fiend broke after his arrest in 2007.

He said at one point, many young men had reportedly stopped riding cabs alone.

Lovelace said Lim was expected to be isolated in prison in anticipation of the aggravated reaction from other prisoners in relation to the nature of the sexual crimes.

He said Lim was arrested following an investigation into a report by Briton David Blackman in July 2007 that Lim stabbed him repeatedly in an argument.

He said while searching Lim’s property and a neighbour’s bin, police uncovered videotapes and a book with the names of the alleged assault victims, with their personal home details and a penis drawn alongside.

Most of the offences were said to have taken place at Lim’s duplex home in the northern Perth suburb of Tuart Hill, while others were allegedly committed in Perth, Burswood, Canning Vale and Applecross.

It usually begins with Lim offering to take drunken young men to their homes. On the way, he would stop at his house and ply his alleged victims with alcohol before they passed out. He then sexually assaulted them.

Recalling Blackman’s case, Lovelace said the sex offences committed by Lim had only surfaced after the victim told police he had been stabbed in the early hours of July 7, 2007.

Blackman, then aged 30, had left the Ambar nightclub in the city and accepted a lift with a man “posing as an off-duty taxi driver”.

The trip to the man’s home in Applecross was “uneventful” before “things took a turn for the worst”, when Lim stabbed the man in the arm, chest and back with a knife in his car outside the house.

Blackman recalled some of the details on the licence plate, which helped police link the alleged attack to Lim.

Police then searched Lim’s home three days later, where they discovered videotapes of ”sleeping and unconscious men being assaulted by the accused”.

They also located a book with the names and details of different men. It resulted in a number of complaints from men in the book.

Lim’s neighbours in the duplex had also found videotapes in the backyard. The pieces of footage showed a number of different men in various states of undress, asleep or unconscious, being indecently assaulted by the person taking the footage.

The dates in the book corresponded to dates in the footage, and each complainant had identified himself as being the victim in the tape.

Lovelace said prosecutors maintained that none of the men were capable of providing consent and that they were unable to prevent what was happening to them.

Lim would wait until the men passed out then film them naked, fondle and perform sexual acts on them.

The court heard that these men were not capable of consenting and frequently lapsed in and out of consciousness and Lim simply did whatever he wanted.