Thompson has finally found her dream man.

Thompson has finally found her dream man.

A British woman, who had worn out all her boyfriends, has finally found Mr Right to satisfy her 300 orgasms a day.

Michelle Thompson, who suffers from Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), thought that she would never find her dream man due to her excessive sexual needs.

Her first love only lasted a few months and all the other lovers also left because they could not stand it any longer.

One of them had even told her that he was a man, not a machine.

Thompson had even quit her job at a biscuit factory because the sound of the machines kept setting her off.

But all this was put to a stop when she met her neighbour Andrew Carr, a 32-year-old divorced industrial cleaner, in May.

“Andrew has changed my life. I’m no longer looking for a cure for my orgasms – I’ve found it.

“I finally feel like I’m in heaven,’’ the 43-year-old single mother told The News of the World newspaper in UK.

The couple has been together for six months now and they have sex at least 10 times a day.

Having so many orgasms in a day was not something Thompson appreciated, although some women have never had one in their life.

“This condition has ruined my love life,” said the mother of four.

Michelle said she had turned to Internet dating but some men stood her up when she told them about her condition while others begged her to stop when they had sex.

“I did worry that Andrew would grow tired of me like everyone else but when I told him about my condition, he laughed and said he would burn me out first.

“I can do it 24 hours a day and so can he. I regularly run across the road to his house to have sex,’’ she said.

Michelle told the Extraordinary People website that she was embarrassed when she had orgasm in public.

“My most embarrassing moment was at a supermarket. Suddenly I got that feeling and knew I was going to have an orgasm, I tried to make my excuses but the in-store salesman wouldn’t leave me alone so I climaxed there and then in front of him.

“You should have seen the look on his face,’’ she said.

PSAS is a very rare medical condition that keeps the sufferer in a state of constant arousal. Anything can trigger the patient’s strong sexual urges followed swiftly by an orgasm anytime anywhere.