A 38-YEAR-OLD man used his daughter as his sex slave for the past eight years, starting when she was just six.

The girl, from Kajang, Selangor, told her mother about this but the mother refused to believe her and even accused her of making up stories to tarnish her father’s name.

The victim then approached her 16-year-old eldest sister who had also been a victim of her father’s sexual abuse two years ago.

The older girl advised her to lodge a police report. The father was detained in his house in Bangi last Friday.

“The suspect said he did not rape her, but instead, claimed the girl was desperate and frequently gazed at him with lust.

“He said he had no choice but to fulfil her sexual needs but never forced himself on her,” said a police source.

The suspect has been detained until tomorrow.

“The eldest daughter had also previously lodged a police report claiming she was raped by the father but retracted it after persuasion from her family members,” said the source.