A 28-year-old divorcee sought help from a religious association president, only to be held captive and repeatedly raped by the man for a week.

The woman was locked in a room at a condominium unit in Pandan Indah (K.Lumpur) where the man, who claims to be the president of a private religious welfare association, lived.

She was rescued by neighbours, who heard her cries for help on Friday, after he had left the house.

The woman had wanted to begin a new life with her eight-year-old daughter after leaving her husband, and the 38-year-old man promised to help when she approached him.

He assured her that he would get her a job and a house and offered his place for her to stay. He had told her his mother was staying with him.

He then brought her and the child to his condominium unit located nearby.

She suspected something amiss when she did not see the man’s mother. When she questioned him, he said his mother was away for a few days.

Later that night, the man told her he wanted to talk to her alone and said it would be best if the daughter slept in another room.

Once they were alone, he forced himself on her. He also threatened to harm the daughter if she tried to escape.

The woman began screaming when the man left the house.A neighbour broke into the house and rescued her and then accompanied the two to the police station.