A religious education teacher who had sex with one of her 15-year-old students after seducing him on Facebook has been jailed.

Madeleine Martin, 39, a mother of two teenaged girls, had sex with the boy in the back of her car in a country park, at a shopping centre and inside her family home in Knutsford, Cheshire, UK.

Madeleine Martin…seduced the boy she was meant to mentor

Judge Jonathan Geak of the Manchester Crown Court sentenced her to 32 months jail and put her name on the Sex Offenders Register.

The court was told that she fell for the boy after she was assigned to help him with his difficulties with school work last year.

She soon began giving him gifts, including a mobile phone, and contacting him on Facebook.

By January this year, they were sending each other up to ten messages a day and the following month their relationship became more intimate.

According to the Daily Mail,  on Feb 9, Martin drove the boy to a tattoo parlour where she persuaded and paid for him to have a heart, with the name ‘Mad’ inside it, put on his arm.

She then drove to a nearby retail park where they had sex in the car and later performed a sex act on the boy, before they were spotted by a security guard and told to leave.

The next day she  drove to  another park where she and the boy, whose mother was abroad at the time caring for her terminally ill father, again engaged in sex.

Two days later they had sex again at the home of the boy’s uncle.

The court was told that Martin changed her identity on Facebook to hide their growing relationship and invited the boy to her home where they again had sex while her two daughters, aged 14 and 17, were out.

Martin…bitterly, bitterly regrets what she has done

After nine days, both decided to end their relationship. The boy, however, confided in his brothers, who in turn told their mother and she called police.

Martin was having marital problems at the time of the affair and her sister had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The Judge Geak said: “Rather than mentor him in the proper way, you used him as an emotional support and comfort for yourself.”

“You started to abuse the trust you were entrusted with. Eventually you lured him into intimacies which should never have happened. You are to blame, not him.”

“Those of either sex in a position of trust must expect significant punishment when they abuse that trust – especially sexually.”

The boy’s 49-year old mother, a businesswoman, said her son had been taunted by other children and was no longer in full-time education.

She said he “once vivacious” child had become lethargic and had “lost his sparkle”.

The teacher’s lawyer, Mark Fireman said she had acted “out of character because of personal difficulties”.

He said: “These events left her depressed and vulnerable to thoughts and actions which should never have taken place.”

“She has lost just about everything – her good name and her promising career. She has brought shame upon herself and upon her family.”

“She never intended to have a sexual relationship – it was something which grew over time.”

“She accepts that it is all of her own doing and that she is to blame – not the boy. She bitterly, bitterly regrets what she has done.”