The student showing the 'bad lines' on her palm

A 21-year-old diabetic student who wanted to end her streak of bad luck, consulted a palmist but things only got worse with her becoming his sex slave.

She approached the palmist, identified only as Master Choy, who also claimed to be a feng shui master, in April on the recommendation of her friends.

The 50-year-old palmist told her that the unusually straight lines on her palms was bad and added that at best she could only hope be soneone’s mistress.

He also claimed that women with such lines on palms can cause their husbands to die, bring bad luck to the families and have to endure a lot of suffering.

The woman, from Pahang, who had always believed that her diabetes was caused by her “bad lines” on her palms, swallowed Choy’s reading of her fortune.

The same night, he brought her to a hotel room to purportedly to perform a cleansing ritual on her. Instead, he molested the student but she did not realise that she was being taken advantage of at that time.

A week later, he told her that she had to sleep with a married man to get rid of all the bad luck.

Choy, who is married, then offered himself as the “antidote” for my misfortuneAfter some persuasion, then she agreed to have sex with him.

Before having sex, Choy told the student, who is pursuing a degree in nutrition at a college, to give him naked photographs of her, saying that they would to be used in ritual ceremonies to improve her luck.

The woman said she only realised that she had been cheated a few months later when her luck did not changed and worse still, she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from the conman.

The student relating her ordeal at the hands of the palmist

She went back to the palmist and threatened to expose him but he slapped her and warned that he would post her nude photographs on the Internet.

The woman said the palmist, who claimed to have secret society links, and his wife threatened to kill her if she lodged a police report.

She was too scared to go against his will and continued to be his sex slave.

The woman claimed that she was also abused and beaten by Choy.

“He wanted me to be there whenever he felt like having sex with me. He would ask me to go the hotel room and would chase me out immediately after sex.”

“He only let me go after I contracted the disease. I was scared and worried. I did not know what to do and told my parents,’” she said.

The woman said she would get a lawyer to file a case against Choy.