A woman sat on a mere 20cm-wide ledge outside a window on the fourth floor of a hotel here in an attempt to evade being caught during a Pahang Religious Department raid. Apparently, her 28-year-old companion had asked her to hide when department officers knocked on the door of their room.

Danger level: The 20-year-old perched dangerously on the fourth floor window ledge as a raiding team broke into the room.

Upon opening the door, the man told the raiding team that he was alone in the room. However, the officers noticed a bra and a pair of women’s shoes there.

The team was at the hotel in Jalan Wong Ah Jang here to conduct Ops Insaf, a New Year raid that was held from midnight to 9am.

An officer subsequently spotted the 20-year-old sitting on the ledge when he parted the curtains and opened the sliding window.

When the team asked her to come back into the room, she refused and started crying.

Worried about her precarious position, the officer asked her boyfriend to coax her.

Later, the woman said she thought she had a chance to escape from the raid.

Chief enforcement officer chief Ahmad Raffli Ab Malek, who led the anti-vice team comprising 30 department officers and 60 volunteers, said such incidents were “nothing new” because offenders did not want to face the music.

In safe hands: The woman is carried into the room by the raiding officers at the hotel in Kuantan

“They know that they are not married but they still want to sleep together which is an offence according to Islam,” he said.

“Our intention is to curb such activities and the punishment is meant to teach them a lesson,” he said.

Ahmad Raffli said 59 people aged between 16 to 55 were arrested during the raid.

They could be fined up to RM1,000 or jailed six months or both under an enactment on religion and customs.