Disgraced England captain John Terry got best pal Wayne Bridge’s ­ girlfriend pregnant.

Vanessa Perroncel

And then he arranged for devastated Vanessa Perroncel to have an abortion to shamelessly tried to keep the scandal under wraps.

According to a Sunday Mirror exclusive report, Vanessa, 28, a French underwear model became pregnant last autumn after weeks into her fling with Terry – Bridge’s best friend and neighbour.

Terry, 29, who has two children with long-suffering wife Toni, was worried about the news leaking out and wrecking his lucrative sponsorship deals.

Terry and his long-suffering wife Toni

So, he arranged for an abortion at an exclusive clinic where Vanessa was taken in through a side entrance.

The Sunday Mirror quoted a source as saying: “Terry was gripped by blind panic. Having a love child with the girlfriend of his best pal, who’s also a friend of his wife’s, would have spelled total disaster – even by his shocking standards of behaviour”.

“Having been caught cheating on Toni so many times and having publicly promised to be 100 per cent faithful, he knew he would be finished as any kind of role model that sponsors want to be associated with.”

“He was appalled when Vanessa told him she was pregnant and all his thoughts were for self-preservation.”

The pregnancy and subsequent abortion were the mystery “consequence” referred to by the judge overturned Terry’s attempt to keep the affair secret.

The latest revelation will fuel the already fevered calls for him to be stripped of England’s football captaincy.

Apparently, Vanessa confessed the affair to Bridge dramatically in a showdown at their 3 million pounds (RM16.32 million) Surrey mansion and told him: “I’m sorry Wayne, but John was there for me.”

Friends say the affair began last summer as her relationship with ex-Chelsea star Bridge crumbled after he moved 320km away to sign for Manchester City.

A friend said: “John and her had agreed to a story that they were just friends and that he was helping her through the split.”

Vanessa told the newspaper how Wayne called her a week ago when he learned of the legal ­gagging order taken out by Terry to prevent the affair being made public.

She said: “Wayne rang me last weekend and started shouting at me, accusing me of having an affair. It was terrible.

“He was saying horrible things. I thought if all of this comes out it will make things difficult ­ because it is a very close community of footballers and their wives.”

Wayne and Vanessa during better times

“I told Wayne I wasn’t having an affair but he wouldn’t believe me. Wayne was convinced I had been cheating on him because the court action had been taken. It was an agonising call and he was furious.”

Vanessa – who has a four-year-son with Bridge – steadfastly stuck to a pact she agreed with Terry not to admit anything. But she later crumbled when Bridge confronted her in person.

She said: “I don’t want to hurt Wayne any more and I just want to protect my little boy from all this – now he’s my most important concern.”

And, of Terry, she revealed: “I’m a close friend of his and we are in touch a lot although we don’t talk every day. I have known John for eight years, even before I met Wayne and we were close. I still speak to him every other day.”

Bridge earlier confronted Terry and accused him of sleeping with Vanessa behind his back.

But Terry, lying through his teeth, insisted to Wayne that the “rumours” were nonsense and he would never stoop so low.

Toni and Vanessa, seen here carrying her baby, were best friends

Bridge was all the more stunned by Terry’s betrayal because he had been offering “emotional support” during a sticky patch with Vanessa.

Terry, who earns 170,000 pounds (RM927,320) a week, got close to Vanessa after defender Wayne transferred from Chelsea to Man City in a 10 million pounds (RM54.5 million) deal in last January.

Source:  Sunday Mirror