A Turkish woman has given birth to twins fathered by two different men with whom she had sex with on the same day.

The 24-year-old woman in Istanbul, identified only as CK, was reported to have sexual intercourse with her husband and lover on the same day when the twins were conceived.

Soon after giving birth, CK noticed that one of them looked like her lover and ran away in panic, leaving the twins with her husband.

The husband then requested for a paternity test on the children after neighbours alerted him over his wife’s betrayal.

A DNA test confirmed that the twins were fathered by different men.


According to the report, the man subsequently threw his wife and the baby conceived with the sperm of the other man out of the house.

CK attempted to return to her father’s house but the latter too disowned her.

She is currently seeking refuge in a women’s shelter while the government has taken custody of the child.

It was reported that CK had started a relationship with her lover, a married man with children, about six years ago.

When her family learned about it, they forced her to marry her current husband.

She, however, continued her affair with her lover.

The case of the twins is a rare phenomenon, known as heteropaternal superfecundation.