A 19-year-old school leaver planned a romantic midnight date with her new boyfriend at the historic monument where Malaysia’s first oil well is located but it turned into a nightmare – she was gang-raped by the boyfriend and two others.

She was coaxed into a heavy drinking session at the secluded Grand Old Lady monument on Canada Hill before her boyfriend and two security guards raped her in the wee hours of Thursday.

The victim, who had just started working in a private firm, lodged a police report at the Miri Central Police Station.

According to her report, her boyfriend had taken her up the 100m-high Canada Hill overlooking the city centre on the pretext of visiting the Grand Old Lady – the name given to the remains of Malaysia’s first oil well.

The area surrounding the monument is dark and isolated. There is a petroleum museum next to the oil well.

The girl said her boyfriend then coaxed her into drinking some alcohol with him at the foot of the monument.

The drinking session went beyond 3am and she became intoxicated.

She claimed her boyfriend then raped her, adding that two men in security guard uniforms who knew her boyfriend also took turns to rape her.

After the assault, she said her boyfriend took her to the foot of the hill and dumped her by the roadside. She managed to seek help from passers-by and then lodged a police report.

Miri Police Chief Asst Comm Jamaluddin Ibrahim confirmed that police had arrested the boyfriend and the two security guards.