It was a drizzling morning. A group of young girls were seen handing out leaflets to the pedestrians near Xiaobei station at Guangzhou Metro in China.

If there was anything odd about them, maybe it was the masquerade masks they were donning.

“Please pay attention to me,” said one of the girls in a sweet and affectionate tone, as a guy took a leaflet from her.

All of a sudden, music began to play in the background. In a coordinated move, the girls shifted to an empty space nearby the station and started dancing, while holding signs which read “Marry me please!” and “My mum’s been pestering me to get married. Marry me, please!”

As they rocked their bodies to the beat in the rain, the girls started undressing, until they were clad only in bras and underwears.

the girls stripping down to their underwears in the rain

With their sizzling act, the girls had drawn over 100 curious passers-by, who amidst cheers, claps and catcalls, whipped out their camera phones and started clicking away.

Even the vehicles nearby stopped to have a good look at what was causing the disturbance.

This went on for around 20 seconds, before it was interrupted by station security personnel.

Later, in an interview with Guangzhou Daily, the girls explained that they did this in an attempt to get husbands.

Xingzi, the leader who organised the act, said that they do not understand why they are still single despite their good looks and successful careers.

Aged between 25 to 30 years old, they are a group of white-collar professionals working in Guangzhou.

“Some guys hesitated to date us because of our high qualifications. We hope we can find our other halves through this,” added Xingzi.

Will you marry any of these girls?

Unfortunately as interesting as it was, it seemed that it did not work well with the crowd, that consisted mainly of guys.

While some were clearly intrigued by the steamy scene, many shook their heads or expressed their disapproval when asked by reporters whether they would consider dating the girls.

“There are other means such as matchmaking websites. This looks more like a publicity stunt to me,” said a spectator called  Luo.

– Guangzhou Daily