TWO 19-year-old girls who wanted to restore their virginity ended up being tricked into having sex with the bomoh — at the same time.

The girls were introduced to the bomoh, who is also 19, by a friend in Johor Baru recently.The bomoh, who called himself Tok Muda, claimed he could tell if a woman was still a virgin and that he could also restore lost virginity.

The girls expressed interest in the bomoh’s service.They later met him at a holiday resort where they were told to undress.

“The bomoh then told them that they could get their virginity restored if they both had sex together with him.

The girls initially refused,but the bomoh threatened to distribute pictures of them undressing that he had taken earlier.

The girls lodged a police report later after they realised that they had been cheated.

The suspect had been arrested in Johor Baru and  a RM900 gold chain, which the suspect had taken from one of the girls as travelling expenses, was also recovered.

– So be more carefull girls!!