Never allow your foreign wife to return to her home country alone with the children, says MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Datuk Michael Chong.

He was advising Malaysians who married women from Vietnam, Indonesia and China through matchmaking agencies.

Chong said statistics showed that some 10% of such foreign wives who returned to their home countries with the children had refused to come back to the husbands.

“Many of them told their husbands they were just taking the children to visit her parents. But after they got there, they never returned,’’ he said.

As at July this year, six men had approached Chong to help get their children back from their wives, who were hiding in their homes of origin.

“Some of the husbands had gone to search for their wives but were not allowed to enter the villages.

“Two of them were even beaten up by the residents there,” he said.

Chong said he had received complaints from seven husbands last year.

He said the husbands had approached the Malaysian Embassy in the particular countries for help but nothing could be done.

He suspected that many of the foreign women marrying Malaysian men did so for a quick buck.

“Never let them go back alone with the children,’’ said Chong, in urging the husbands to always accompany their wives.

Source: The Star Online @ 9/8/2010.