The female ‘Casanova’ who was detained after cheating six men of their money  had insisted on having regular sex with her last victim in an attempt to get pregnant.

The man, identified only as Chung, said the woman later lied that she was pregnant with his child and forced him to marry her in May.

The 25-year-old woman, who has four children with different men, had always insisted that they had sex in the dark to “hide” the scars on her abdomen and the fact that she had given birth before, he said.

Chung said the two hooked up via Facebook earlier this year and after an outing, she insisted in following him back to his home to use the Internet.

“She went straight to my room. We had sex for the first time that night,” he said.

Two weeks after that, she claimed that she was pregnant and demanded that he marry her, Chung said, adding that she also told him they had to carry on having regular sex to ensure that the baby would be healthy.

It was reported yesterday that the woman had hooked up with six men she “met” on Facebook, promising to marry them, but then cheated them of their money and left them. She was detained after Chung lodged a report.

Source: The Star Online @ 9/8/2010.