THE female Casanova, who promised to marry six men she befriended through Facebook but left them poorer and without a bride, had to seek her sixth lover’s help to bail her out, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The daily quoted the victim’s sister, known only as Chew, 25, who said her brother was on his way to the police station to surrender “proof” of him being cheated into marriage when his “wife” suddenly called him on the phone.

“The investigating officer had asked the woman if she has any family members to bail her out and handed her his handphone to make the call.

“She started crying when my brother picked up her phone. He didn’t want to talk to her so he passed the phone to me,” she said.

Chew said she asked the woman why she had conned so many men into marriage but she did not answer and kept on crying.

“She pleaded with us to not make this an issue as she would be ‘shamed’ if her pictures appeared in the media.”

It was earlier reported that the 25-year-old serial heartbreaker was detained by police following a report lodged by the family of her latest victim.

According to Chew, the woman collected RM300,000 from her family members, purportedly for an investment, after going through a Chinese wedding ceremony in May at their hometown in Sabah.

The woman had refused to legally register the marriage, claiming she would only do so on Aug 8 as it was an auspicious day.

An apartment owner, who had rented a room to the girl, told the daily she owed him three months’ rental and stole cash, a laptop computer and a digital camera worth RM5,000 from him and his girlfriend.

“I didn’t ask her to pay a deposit because she said she was chased out by her family and did not have much money.

“When she found out I had lodged a police report, she quietly left the house without my knowledge,” the 35-year-old salesman said.

Source: The Star Online @ 11/8/2010.