The female “Casanova” who promised to marry six men she befriended is said to be a sweet talker and very pretty.

“That is why so many people fell for her. They were blinded by her beauty and did not bother to check her background,” said MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Datuk Michael Chong.

“I have not met this girl in person, but was told by those who had seen her, including one of her victims, that she was good-looking and very convincing.”

The 25-year-old serial heartbreaker has been detained by police following a report lodged by the family of her latest victim last week.

The woman was said to have collected money from the victim’s family members and friends, purportedly for investment.

Chong urged those wanting to get married to get to know the other person better before walking down the aisle.

“Those who want to marry must insist on registering their marriage as this is one way to protect both parties,” he added.

It had been reported that the woman would give her victims various excuses to postpone their marriage registrations, agreeing to only hold the customary Chinese wedding ceremony.

She would then run away with the money that they gave her.

In the latest incident, the woman befriended a 25-year-old man on Facebook in March and subsequently moved in with him. A month later, she told the victim she was pregnant but refused to go for a pre-natal check-up.

In May, they went through a Chinese wedding ceremony in the victim’s hometown in Sabah.

The victim’s family claimed that the woman collected RM300,000 from family members before running away after they became suspicious.

Chong said one of the victims had sought his help as his friends and loan sharks were after him for the money taken by the woman.

“The victim wants me to explain to his friends that he was cheated by the woman,” he said.

“But, I cannot help much here as it is his own folly. Besides, his friends banked the money into his account.”

The victim has since gone into hiding.

Source: The Star Online @ 11/8/2010.